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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by random_high, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Well today I was walking around school talking to my friends when I see a anti-pot poster with all this bullshit on it (the normal lies) and it pissed me off. So I marked out all the stuff on it and wrote "If you want the truth go to" on it.

    Well this got me to thinking. Now that I'm 18 and can vote I'm going to start to do all I can to help get pot legal. I'm saving up some money to send to norml right now actualy.

    Anyway I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find some pro pot poseters I can print out and put up around town?

    If not and I made some would anyone want to print them out and hang them up?
  2. I would totally print them out and hang them up if they met the following criteria:

    1) Are intelligent (not "POT IZ GOOD MORONZ!!")
    2) Are actually interesting (not pages of facts from random studies that NOBODY is going to read)

    Not to imply your posters wouldn't do that, but I've been working a while on trying to make a poster that was both interesting and informative.

    An interesting fact I've picked up from research at and

    Over 600,000 people are arrested every year for simple possession of marijuana. That's enough to EMPTY the city of Boston, Massachusetts - every year.
  3. boston only has 600,000 people in it? Damn i thought we was bigger than that.
  4. Thats what the census report says. Maybe that's just how many people actually live in Boston, not the number of people who are in Boston at a given time.
  5. going through ed rosenthal's book "Why Marijuana Should Be Legal", i thought that the most interesting sentence in the entire book was "It costs more to send a person to prison for four years than it does to send a person to a university for four years." p.30 [Nov. 2002]
  6. Yeah that would be tight if we could put together some posters maybe in PDF, I'd definitely print out a shitload and post them all around.
  7. may be buying one of those hoodies from them for winter time in texas. :)

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