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Pro Marijuana Intelligence Theory

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I am willing to bet all the people for marijuana would have a greater average of intelligence (iq) than the average of people against marijuana.

    Intellects strive to make the world a better place, and most intellects I have seen are for marijuana. Though, I really doubt we could ever find some good studies, as the government only likes to portray the negatives of medical marijuana.
  2. Sounds right to me.
  3. This is because the "sheep" are the only people against progress. The people who soak up the lies from the people higher up (religion, politicial, education) and don't form their own ideas are not intellectual.

    An intellectual forms his/her own ideas through verified scientific research and personal philosophy, an intelligent person has no need to borrow ideas as they have their own.
  4. While there still are a good deal of stupid ignorant people who happen to smoke reefer, from what ive seen, the majority are cultured intellectuals, a good deal of cannabis smokers are incredibly sharp, with broad vocabularies, complex & intricate perspectives, and deep morals. I just hope im the latter :)

    Either way, most stoners are great people, and alot of straight edge folks are biased, judgemental, and if our marijuana use is the first thing they learn about who we are & what we do, make preconceptions that excite feelings of superiority to us, like smoking a plant makes you sub-human or some shit, and it gets frustrating after a while. Blast you reefer madness!
  5. Perfect. +Rep, 100%
  6. [quote name='"mambugaw"']An intellectual forms his/her own ideas through verified scientific research and personal philosophy, an intelligent person has no need to borrow ideas as they have their own.[/quote]

    THIS. Thank you for this, mambugaw, sums up how i define intelligence entirely. (dont know how to +rep on mobile, but if i could i would haha)

  7. Thank you.
  8. I agree 99%, their are some people who are incredibly intelligent but have been programed to hate weed by propaganda. For the most part you are definitely correct though.
  9. I think the "pot smokers are dumb" misconception is gradually being destroyed. There are so many highly intelligent marijuana users in the media now that the myth is becoming hard to maintain. There are however still those retarded hood rats who make us look stupid.
  10. Interesting Analogy OP.
  11. I definitely agree with you, my friend. Although there are some ignorant people who make cannabis look bad, the real stoners who respect the whole cannabis culture are normally much smarter than those who only believe what they're told in school/by the government. Good theory/analogy, man!

  12. This is giving me a pretty hard virtual boner. I agree completely. To many stupid people in the world who cant think for themselves, let alone use fucking google!
  13. :smoking:
  14. I think there are intelligent and ignorant people on both sides and we honestly shouldn't generalize. 

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