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Discussion in 'General' started by DonAtATF, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Sorry to get your hopes up, this isn't a commercial that is on TV or anything. My and my buddy made this little minute and a half bit because I got fed up while I was reading an Anti-Legalization debate and became inspired to write something of my own. It's nothing special, but I had an idea. My friend had the resources, so here it is. Go easy on me.

    If the above doesn't work, go here: (Get the menu up and then go to the videos section)

  2. heh, thats pretty cool...

    but yeah, you definitely got my hopes up for a pro-marijuana commercial that was being shown on tv, hah...
  3. thats seriously nice.... I want millions of people to see it on tv

  4. dude...u know inhaleing any kind of smoke cause cancer..and uhold ur hits in longer with pot..u may not soke as often as cigs but...commen sence..and people that drive not agaisnt pot ...i have to add u cant OD on weed so...w/e u get high its better than being drunk and cigs may give u a slite buzz for like 5 minutes...oh ya and it helps hunger problems u forgot that

  5. Of course, inhaling anything in your lungs that shouldn't be there causes problems, but Marijuana smoke alone does not cause lung cancer because it doesn't contain the amount of tar, nicotinem and carcinogens that cigarettes do. Plus, nicotine closes up the blood vessels and whatnot in your lungs, while THC opens them up and lets the blood flow more freely to and from your lungs. And driving high is not a valid argument for people against marijuana anyways.

    Additionally, if you think about it(and you really don't even have to) potential risk is not a factor in deciding what is legal and illegal. On the DEA's website they try to make it sound like we shouldn't smoke weed because it's dangerous, but that is not a reasonable argument seeing as just about everything we do in life(even sleeping) carries a certain level of potential risk.
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  7. god that was good... i always debate with my mom bout how much better weed is than alchohal and that video provesit... nice work...

  8. Yo, here's the thing tho, if your folks are believing that propaganda and not the truth, they're either smoking and trying to hide it from you, or they are just gulled by it and don't know any different.

    Alcohol is a poison. Cannabis actually has benefits.
    In a number of studies, Cannabis was shown to help with glaucoma, have possible anticancer properties, and help against alzheimers (possibly, since it protects brain cells from damage), it can assist with ADD/ADHD, and the amount used is exponentially safer, because of the low toxicity of cannabis in general.

    There's a lot of documents stating these things, and some of them were even govenment-sanctioned.

    I've also heard that the plant contains all seven essential amino acids...

    It's sad that the government officials continue to stick to their lies, instead of the truth.

    Edit- And, this pro-normalization ad kicks more ass than anything I've seen to date. Hopefully you can get a media agency to air it, or send it out to as many pro-legalization folks as possible.
  9. i downloaded it and it played for 3 seconds then stopped, starts up again, plays for 3 seconds and does the same thing
  10. slappie

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