Pro life or pro chocie?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by untilwesoar, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. So I havent seen this in a thread but to be honest i didnt really go searching either. I'm curious to know what peoples belife on the subject are and why. Ive been thinking about doing my senior paper on this topic but want to know everyones reasoning for what they believe. I'm personally pro chocie. In a society where 12 year old girls are getting pregnant I dont believe they should be forced to have the child. This could cause seriously injure this child. And if these girls that can't provide for them put them up for adoption and they don't get adopted then they have a greater chance of being the same kids parents try to keep their kids away from. I feel this way because my girl friend was in an orphanage until she was 18 because she was given up at birth and this is what she saw. Given i was pro choice before that because honestly i don't feel like it's my business what other people do when we don't know the story
  2. I am pro choice for the same reason you are. I have a problem with some girl going out, slutting around, getting knocked up and aborting it just because she doesn't want to deal with the consequences of her actions, but I have a bigger problem with the government forcing a child who has been raped to carry a pregnancy.
  3. I also have a problem with grown women who sleep with everyone and can support a child that doesnt want the responsibility but I hate watching children live miserabe lives because they have moms 13 years older than them and have no way of taking care of them
  4. pro-choice
  5. pro-chocie
    and pro-swag as well
  6. Pro-choice, but I think abortion should be illegal if the baby can live on it's own without serious medical intervention (IE if the woman is due in 2 weeks aborting the child would be straight wrong)
  7. I think abortion should be discouraged as much as possible. Once the fetus has a heartbeat it's undeniably a living thing. 
    But abortion should remain legal because the government has no place forcing a woman to have a baby she doesn't want to have.
  8. Pro-life

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    Its not vs pro choice

    Its anti murder vs lets redefine murder to be more convenient so we don't feel bad

    Abortion is still the intentional killing of a human no matter how you define it

    "Pro "choice"" people like to justify it by saying BS llike, science said its a parasite not a human, or, it a woman's.right...

    Fact is the woman made a bad decision and its not the fault of the human inside her.

    You cannot justify taking the life of an innocent just because its an inconvenience

  10. It's her cunt. Let her do as she wishes.
  11. People that are pro life can i ask what you're doing to help kids whos parents have given them up so that they may be taken care of? Or are you forcing children into the world to be left alone?
  12. That's a pretty.twisted way of.looking at it

    I dont believe you should murder people. That's it. Why isn't? tho.

    Everyone has a right to their life. Saying that bringing these kids into a shit life is a reason to support abortion is piss poor.logic.

    How about this logic. Lets shoot smokers in the face to save the the pain of cancer. SAME FUCKING LOGIC

  13. No. Because you give people a right to smoke. If you want to force women to bring children into this world. And not give them a chance to abort it before the fetus has a heartbeat therefore not yet living then why are you not helping the children that live horrible lives because they had a mom that couldnt provide for them. All you do is say that's a sad story. Youd rather wait until they've stolen food in order to survive and lock them up in a jail where they dont get treated like humans but like animals.
  14. Pro-choice for sure.
  15. Pro life, but under certain situations pro choice.
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    Aside from.being raped, a woman is never bring a.child.into this world.

    However if she is raped, its not the baby who took away her choice it is the rapist

    She can't punish the baby. Do the responsible thing and put it.up.for adoption
    Line draw.fallacy
    You are.just drawing arbitrary lines to define when its aalive so yyou don't have to
    So since I believe in the right to life I should ggo around the world.caring for all the orphans? How does that make sense?!
    I never said that. You don't even know me. I'm actually a very good person and do help.people. you are being completely unrealistic right nnow.
    Dude Wut? Are you a sociopath? even have a shred.of.compassion?!

  17. Pro-Life. Because when you murder one of your own children, you have no idea what that child could have become in the future. So many of God Almighty's prophets and saints have been sacrificed on the demonic alter of makes me sad beyond words.
  18. I'd like to point out that I'm an atheist and a science major and.I'm still pro life

  19. pro choice for sure
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