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Pro Cannabis Ad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. This is the United States
  2. This is the president who controls the United States
  3. This is what Bush decides to use billions of dollars on while being president of the united states
  4. what a great guy....

    *looks for dads old rifle*
  5. and here's just one of millions of americans that have to sleep without shelter throughout the winter due to rising cost of living, and corrupt buisness tatics that could've benefited the tax dollars rather then start war for your father
  7. Go to hell...I LIKE BUSH ;)
  8. What??


    I was tempted to smack you KB... but that wouldn't be proper.....
  9. No youre right, slap him for that one! If you believe in Freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of HAPINESS, Then the Fuhrer Bush is definitely not the number 1 pick
  10. tax money also supports prisons for marijuana offenders... these tax dollers could be used to give that guy a roof over his head and food in his stomach...

    such a shame
  11. nevermind...i was high and it was a joke from a comedian Dennis Miller.. you were supposed to take it as me talking about snatch...but nevermind, i feel dumb gotta get high after seeing this one.
  12. after actually reading the last post, i think dirtydingusus got it...makes me feel a bit better
  13. My avater is bush with a bong... His one moment of respect
  14. The guy on the roof could have been a runaway DAD who didn't want to pay child support, or is underground due to killinmg someone..

    Or yes ..could have been some poor SOB down on his luck and gone nuts.

    No matter what his story if he wanted help to do better with his life and make a change for the is there for the asking and sometimes for the demanding.
    Where else in the world do the poor SOB's have such wealth available to those in need. At the very least he only had to walk into just anout any type of church or temple for some level of help.
  15. D9_THC, oh ya you forgot TICKLE STICKS
  16. I Agree Bush sucks (the prez not the snach thats a whole new thead). I love you guys, this is the only place I can talk politics and not get called a tree huging hippie. What really gets me is people will say they like Bush but when you ask them why they go blank, or say the war against terrorisim, which is just a situation anyone would have done what he did. He has done NOTHING while he has been in office. The part that really makes me sick is he will get reelected just because of those terrorists. got to stop for a hit getting pissed

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