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  1. i got on probation about 6 months in virginia. ive got about 6 left and i havent had a drug screen yet, they said that they would do randoms. anyone else ever have this. im too tempted to smoke now but im afraid as soon as i do they will finally piss test me. live in md btw my probation officer is about 2 hours away. whats the likleyhood that they will even bother to do it
  2. Maybe he will only test you the last few weeks, but you never know which is why you shouldn't smoke, my friend got fucked cause he had testings once a month, got tested then his Probation officer tested him a few days after to throw him off and he failed it.
  3. Ask for a clean friends pee.
    Pee in a bottle now, save for later.
  4. yes pee now save for later....dont smoke...they will test u at some point....been there done but i smoked anyway and was god lucky to pass with dilution
  5. Don't listen to these people ^^

    You can't just bring a clean bottle of piss to a probation meeting and expect that to work.

    First off, they take the temperature of it. So if you just have an old bottle of piss - it won't be a high enough temperature at all.

    Second, They watch you piss in a mirror. Sooo good luck whipping out anything and pouring it into the piss cup w/out them noticing.

    I know a dumbass that got caught tryin to use a black guy's whizzinator ( he was white ) by his PO when he went to take a piss test.

    There are ways to pass a drug test if you truly want to - but you should honestly just wait it out if you've already been on for 6 months already.

    Oh, and they will for sure drug test you at least once, if not twice. Especially if your bday or any celebratory day passes or something. So just be careful if you do choose to smoke. And don't be stupid about it

  6. i have passed a drug test using the dilution method. so whatever........
  7. if you're gonna get high. only take a couple puffs in the morning and exercise after. you're already clean, so a little bit won't stay in your system if you exercise it out after.
  8. Dude. Just be smart.

    If you've waited this long, you can wait a little longer. Think about the risk versus the reward. Please just be smart about it... Fate doesn't like to be tempted. The way of the universe is to make you think you got off scot-free and then fuck you as soon as you try to game the system.

  9. Agree on being watched. Mine was another guy in the bathroom @ the court house. Once a week (for 3 yrs) I got my junk a dude.:eek: I'm lying it was great:D

    Also if you save your piss, freeze it bc it will last longer
  10. I can't believe this hasnt been said but if you use old piss/someone elses piss keep it completely out of sunlight.

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