Prizes For Lbs In Your Area

Discussion in 'General' started by Beatle420, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. So how much is it in your area?
  2. sometimes you get like a lil toy in the bottom of the sack not often tho
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    I don't understand the thread.. do you mean prizes for pounds? (lbs)?
    never mind prices for pounds I get it now :)
  4. No idea. Would never think to ask because I would never buy any more than a half O here (anything more is a felony). 
  6. Damn I thought it was a contest lol.
  7. What do you mean what's the prize? You got a fuckin POUND of weed!
    That is exactly what I thought at first too lol
  9. $5000 maybe more on the street
  10. Depends on who I talk to and where I talk to them. :cool:
  11. All about who hooks you up. I could get a pound for around 4500 or less.
  12. I'm not a dealer and I never heard anyone buying a pound so I don't know.
  13. Outdoor/ top notch is $1500-2k, indoor fire is $2500-3k
  14. Elbows is slang for Lbs
  15. $2,400-$2,800 for high quality in my last area.
  16. 3000-3600 all depends who you go threw. Lower quality outdoor 25ish. And I wouldn't even know about mids cause theres no market around here for that trash. I'm in the northeast
  17. got a spoon in a pound once...i wasnt very happy though
  18. Here (Washington), anywhere from $2200/2400 (smokeable) up to around $2800-3000 (dank). Been a bit since I have bought that much though at one time, so don't quote me. QP's are usually between $550-$800.

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