Private School vs. Public School

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  1. Yes, private school is extremely expensive.

    But all

    is that private school kids do all of their work on laptops; in and out of class.

    So they get to punch away 500 words in 3 minutes, while I'm stuck with good 'ol #2 and some college ruled. This deadly writing utensil and stationary combination add (on average) an 8000% increase in slowness of completion of the assignment.

    All I'm saysins, is that it comes to a point where I feel I would be able to learn more with less effort on a computer. Public schools need to upgrade to technology levels seen in elitist-neighborhood schools.

    P.S. I just :smoking:
  2. The public school I graduated from had a shit ton of high end computers and most students had their own laptops. It all depends, if you're in a shitty area public school is going to suck but if you live in a nice area it's going to be pretty good.
  3. you not having a laptop has nothing to do with your school being private...
  4. shitty south seattle gyeaaaa
  5. I have gone to non but private schools and we DONT use laptops currently attending a private, catholic college and we have fairly average facilities. Equal to or less then some public schools around here.. Although our teachers are good, our classes are faily small numbers, so better marks are quite common
  6. Shit i went to both academically yea they were very different i actually learned some shit at my private school. But..... I did meet a lot of bud connects in public school lol so that was bad ass. It all depends on the school itself really there is public schools that are fucking great and some that suck balls the same goes for private.
  7. It depends.

    Private school = extremely bratty kids who crave to be a normal kid, but most likely make decent career
    Public school = most likely will flip burgers, but will more down to earth and have common sense
  8. Technology is not equal to better grades.
  9. what Majora said.

    and i attend a cyber school, where i do ALL my work on the computer, and trust me... it doesnt help much. i find the classroom atmosphere in a public school is the problem and not the way your being taught. when it comes down to it i would much rather be having a teacher pushing me to take notes and learn everything than just do it myself cause i suck at motivating myself. but thats just me.
  10. I find this offensive and untrue.

    You saying im a brat because i attend a school and pay for it?
    Are you saying that public school students will amount to nothing more then staff at a fast food restaurant?

    I think its more down to the student then anything else.. Educatation doesnt mean a kid wont throw it away.. and Lack of education doesnt mean a kid cant study alone..
  11. Kids have better teachers and opportunity at private schools.
  12. I have experienced 2 years of private school with computers and 2 years of public without, and can say without a doubt having constant computer access is a huge benifit to a student. That being said there are some other downsides to prep school that outweigh that benifit.
  13. I did two years of high school at a private school, two years at a public school. It was really kind of the same, except for the school itself, and how it functioned. The PEOPLE were basically the same, atleast not a noticeable difference. Stoners, jocks, nerds, and ruffians at both.. High school is high school. That being said, I enjoyed the private school more because it did feel a bit more "free". In Public school, I always felt contrained, like I was 12 and had no choices of my own. In the private system atleast I felt like a person, and I was given more responsibility.
  14. Public schools get better social education. In other words, the socialization process is more normative for kids in public schools. This is coming from someone who went to both public and private school.
  15. Coming from a run of the mill public high school, attending a private university where a lot of students went to private preparatory schools or competitive magnet style high schools, I definitely agree with this. At school the social scene is not representative at all of the general population, and it took me months to find average people to chill with. I considered myself a relatively normal and personable guy by the end of high school, but the last year of school has made me socially retarded because I had no idea how to deal with these characters on a day-to-day basis.
  16. A school without computers sounds kind of third-world. Do some public schools in the USA really have no student computer access? Ausfag here.
  17. That is some impressive stereotyping right there.

  18. but what matters in the long run?

    There are also charter school that do not have to go by the rules of the school district therefor can act more like a private school.

    This is long (40 min), but worth the watch

    [ame=]YouTube - Stupid in America[/ame]

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