private messages telling you they'll "hook you up"

Discussion in 'General' started by Recovery1CDR, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. I dont know about you all out there but i've noticed a spike in private messages saying they live in texas and to hit them up if i need a connect. Of course i dont respond to them and face palm this stupid attempt but what's really troubling me is how often it's happening now, with in 24 hours i've gotten three messages from people asking that.

    So is this just happening to me or have you all noticed it?
  2. It's never happened to me. Totally weird!
  3. so either its a trap, or someone foolish enough to one day get you caught with their carelessness.
  4. Ive gotten a lot of dumb messages asking for hook ups, or people claiming their illegal buds are better than the meds i get and i should switch to their 325 dollar ounces when i pay vastly less than that hahahahah peeps are dumb
  5. People ask me for a hook up pretty often.

    I don't know what to say other than that's sketchy and I'm sorry you'll have to get it on your own.

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  7. It happens, just report the PM's.
  8. most likely a cop trying to set you up:mad:
  9. lol I get the PMs to hook THEM up

  10. Got a pm from someone 4 states away from me asking if they drove out here, if i would sell them a discounted sack cause of the distance.... i was like... first... no, second... are you serious? gas from there would cost more than the oz wtf
  11. I had one guy bother the shit out of me asking me to get him an ounce...
  12. Now I feel left out.:(
  13. just had a sketchy text from a 915 number, which is TX. and they said they were using wifi texting thing so it will take a little longer to respond. The fuck?????????????
  14. Never in Washington....they don't care enough about bud to go on a forum and try to bust kids lol

    I feel bad for you guys in TX though...I could totally see them fucking making accounts and trying to bust people online :rolleyes:
  15. I'm all the way in michigan, and i just googled the number it came from. :rolleyes:
  16. Thank God I ain't one of dem popular kids. Always being asked for drugs n such. I don't have the personality to sell anyway. It's not in me to hustle.
  17. I get them every once in a while.

    Apparently osg gets them regularly from people requesting seeds, bud and just about anything you can think of.

  18. huh thats around my area, i honestly dont think it was any authority its probably just some idiot, we have a lot of those here. i cant imagine someone going through all that effort when all one has to do is go to any park here and frisk the guy with a backpack looking around.
  19. it was from a dude i used to go through who is a caregiver. he said his phone was "cut off" then i googled the number and a wifi texting device and it looks just like a computer. :smoke:
  20. Ive gotten private number calls and askin if I sell, I just say no and hang up then the messages I just report them cop so they get kicked off the site!
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