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  1. I just recently moved into a dorm room and over the last few weeks some things have been very odd. For example 60 dollars has gone missing.

    I went and stashed a gram of some dank for a rainy day and now its gone along with other things just like random stuff like pencils, shampoo, etc.

    Well after dealing with this and assuming its my roommate or someone he lets in the room (he doesn't smoke or drink, pretty much a square) I went to walmart and bought a 20 dollar fire proof safe to stash my things in.

    Now do you think my stuff will be safe in there? Currently I keep my lighters along with my stash jar and my one hitter in the box, along with a small stash of cash.

    I'm not sure if this will help or not but I can't keep sitting around and allow my stuff to be stolen anymore.

    Heres the cheap safe I bought on SentrySafe Fire-Safe Security Chest: Hunting

    Its not the exact one but you get the point. The one I bought was black.
  2. ask your r.a. for a room change it while its early in the semester
  3. How many people are in your dorm? Just you and the other guy? If so, I'd definitely let the RA know that you've had stuff stolen.

    But that lock box should be good for now. I had to resort to getting one my undergrad years as well. People are crooks.
  4. i'd do a stake out from your closet or use a camera and catch the guy in the act. But that's just me.
  5. You need to get out of that room ASAP, if you stay there is only going to be more problems
  6. i once knew a "straight-edge" person that was the biggest thief ive ever known

    so much for "straight-edge"
    wtf is that supposed to mean anyway, and they tag themselves with it, as if they are better than ppl that use drugs:rolleyes:

    so, big bad gov., its the druggies that steal from and murder ppl?
    ive heard more on here about ppl preaching against stuff like that

    i agree that some addicts are usually desperate enough to not care about anything but their drug habit
    i used to be a cokehead
    and while i dont blame coke for my actions, i really did not care about anyone, or anything
    i was stealing from my dad

    most ppl do not fall under the group "addicts"
    i do not
    once i saw what i was doing, and how i was changing, i quickly stopped using blow; and havent had cravings for it ever since
  7. theres a lot of straight-edge fags in my town. They are usually the ones showing up at parties just to start shit. More often than not, they are the losers.
  8. That's perfect now all they have to do is pick it up by the handle and get your stash, cash and anything else all at once.
  9. Wow, dude, I was about to make a thread about this.

    My jeans were fucking stolen last night!

    I was doing laundry in the shared facility where the south and west wing of my floor wash their clothes. Left my pile of darks along with my roommates, since our whites were being washed first. Went to the room and came back to check, and voila. My jeans are gone. Who the fuck does that? I checked everywhere.

    Report it to your RA. And yes, that safe is a good idea. My roomie is cool and I absolutely trust him, so it wasn't him. Maybe I'll go knocking on some doors...

    EDIT: I advise chaining your safe to your bed or something. The guy above me makes a point. I have chained my guitar case to my bed, and my laptop to my desk. It's all good.
  10. i respect someone who chose not to go down this road, especially with all the pressure to do so
    that means they are strong willed
    most ppl that are like that tho, do not label themselves as "straight-edge" and will still hang out/at least have a respectable conversation with drug users; without stickin their nose in the air
  11. Get out of there mate, fast. I had a roommate that tried to steal anything and everything that wasn't bolted down (including my keyboard and he didnt even have a computer).

  12. I think he got the point when I brought the safe in. He hasn't touched it at all I've made sure of that and anything else is too big for him to take without me noticing but this should work for now.
  13. Every thief knows a safe is a jackpot. Make sure it isn't some crappy safe that could be opened easy. Personally, I'd set up a mini spy cam in the dorm to find out whos taking my shit. Then I'd single handedly destroy their world from beneath them. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  14. Take a screwdriver, and screw that shit to the desk or something if you feel like its gonna get jacked.

    I had some things go missing my freshman year of college too, in the dorms. I set up a camera, and joked to my roomate about how "I was gonna catch whatever bitch took my shit, and break his knees."

    Let him know somehow that you know whats going on, and that shit isn't going to fly. People behave when they're being (or think they're) watched.

    p.s. I pulled these same shenanagins when I was running a store. Set up a fake camera over the till, let the employees know it was there. No more problems.

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