Privacy + looking to buy a lap top[NEED HELP]

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  1. I simply like to be private. I need a fast convenient lap top that is secure. I plan to be on a VPS server, using putty and numerous other security add on's(always open for some more tips to help keep me secure if you know of any). I'm looking for a offshore(out of USA) VPS host that doesn't give two shits about our government. My big main question however is; what is the best lap top for me? I run a small business, I need a new lap top that is fast and secure. Spending money is around $750 on a lap top. $250 on add on's. I would like to spend around $500 though. Thanks for all help

  2. Don't think there is really a "private" laptop out there but I would suggest getting TOR so no one can track ur IP address, your real address, stuff like that

  3. Yes Tor is nice, however I have heard it was made for the government and they have the encryption codes now, also that it is slow. Therefore I plan to use mozille firefox with numerous security feature add-ons, Putty, VPS off-shore hosting, SSL, HTTPS, and any other security feature I can find.
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    well like you said, a vpn is useful for hiding your ip provider info/location. of course it goes without saying that a paid vpn vs a free one will offer a faster connection, however i do use a free one with no problems. i use firefox as well and two addons i use are called ghostery and https-everywhere. recently i learned about a program called truecrypt which ive been trying for about a month now. there's a lot of information on it so you should read up yourself, but one thing it does is encrypt your hard drive, flash drive, and/or create encrypted folders with different choices of encryption. you can set it so there is a boot password, but realize that if you forget it you'll have a hard time using the laptop. when your hard drive is encrypted, programs, videos, music etc. on it are decrypted in pieces as you use them and then re-encrypted. basically nothing is ever entirely decrypted unless you manually do it. that being said, i can say i havent seen any decline in performance. so yea, definitely something to look at if you want the contents of your laptop secure.
  5. Use I2P if you want secure net use. It's impossible for anybody to know what you are doing, puts everything else to shame.

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  7. trying it out now. Thanks for the replys. i'll look into the add-ons too seeing I use mozilla. I have heard ghostory before and a few others. I'mma b spotless :p
  8. if you actually pursue I2P, there is no need for any add on pertaining to security but you can if you feel like it helps

  9. Your never safe enough on the internet my friend. I don't care what you say.

  10. well, I don't give a fuck what you say either

  11. sorry my friend for my word choice. didnt mean for me to be a dick. i do care what you think, thats why i posted here

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