Prison Survival Guide

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  1. Cliffs aka All you need to know:

    -Stick up for yourself... DON'T give NO ONE passes!
    -Don't stare no one down or talk shit. Prison is all about respect.
    -Be your own man / person / leader.
    -Don't EVER get in debt...whether it be gambling, drugs, whatever.. otherwise, it's your ass that's gonna be pimped! Believe that...
    -The best way to make time go by is to occupy yourself... get a job in there or make trips to the library & read up.
    -Depending on the prison, don't socialize outside of your race (I know thats how it is for Cali pens.. not sure about the rest of these states)
  2. don't stare down no one or talk shit... until you figure out who you can fuck with... then leave your mark. you're gonnna be someones bitch if you don't show show people not to fuck with you
  3. You're gonna be tested regardless. Trying to prey on the weakest aint gonna get you far, cuz more than likely dude has already been turnt out himself.
  4. I think the most important parts are about how to never mentally break down for anyone or for any reason and to never be negative because prison is inherently negative.

    Also the tip to kill the person who raped you immediately after it happens is also really great advice.

  5. Actually, I'm freshly vaped and read the entire thing. Very interesting and a good read...I'd recommend this book to anyone up for the hard task ;) of reading it in its entirety.

    A great sample of a paragraph:

  6. hahaha yeah bro but YOUR vaped. ME IM blunted lol
  7. I think I'm just gonna try to avoid the whole prison thing altogether
  8. lol i just found my new favorite word....Booty bandit
  9. Well, that's one way of doing it, I suppose. My prison survival strategy was always "molotov everything," and it worked just fine for me.

  10. I'm missing something here.... come again?

    One thing in there thats wrong is it says that prisoners are petty about stuff is just a steriotype... it's obviously very true if that much can be written about surviving contact with other inmates. Honestly, how can there be hundreds or thousands of people locked up in the same building, for being the common enemy of their opressors, and instead of working together, they kill and rape each other. Sounds pretty fuckin petty to me.
  11. LOL for real man.

    i think that's the best guide to go by "don't do anything that'll get you put into prison"
  12. Ive never been to prison, just a little time in county wasnt this hard, as your implying..but lots of assholes trying to steal my mac and cheese, they got a tray to the head :D

    I spent alot of time reading. walking the yard, learning the criminal trade, and working alot on my meditation skills during all those lockdown hours

  13. I was drunk and fucked up on mushrooms; leave me alone.:D

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