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Prison Architect Alpha (PC&Mac)

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Zylark, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Great little game that is still far from complete. Though you can buy it now (30 bucks) and get in on the Alpha process. New builds of it released about monthly.

    As the title suggest, in this little UK indie-game, you build and manage a prison. And I got to say, it really sucks you in. Hours fly by as you get this nagging tendency to do "just one more thing" before attending to more important things, like say eat... :)

    Though being in alpha, it is not feature-complete and there are a number of bugs that will eventually crash the game. So if you do get in this early, do remember to save regularly in addition to the auto-save.

    You can get in on it here: Introversion Software

    And here is a small clip showing the off the latest build (alpha 5):

    [ame=]Prison Architect Alpha 5 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Downloading it now :) Ill give it a go and if I like it Ill pay for it :D

    Also Ill get back to you and tell you what I think once Iv played :)
  3. AAAaaahhh, this is a small independent developer, basically two (or was it three) guys making good games, so I can't condone pirating their effort.

    And again, this is just an alpha so far. A playable preview so to speak. A very playable preview :) But it is not feature locked. More will come.

    As of now, prisoners are not that keen on escaping as long as you keep them happy for example. This will change though as in a future release, prisoners will get tiered and have different personalities, some will be low risk, others high risk. Which will also put different demands on your prison, like having a maximum security wing. But for now, they are just cloned sheep that go beeeh as long as you keep them fed and attend to their other basic needs.

    If anyone got any questions regarding this game, just ask me. I've put in a few hours of the current build, and think I got most things down pat. Currently running a 150+ inmates prison with very few incidents.

    As a starter tip: Go large, and don't go continous intake. Then close off about 3/4 of the map with walls or fences, whatever is outside the wall/fence designate as workshop. This will give you 15000+ credits a day, which greatly helps in building your dream prison :)

    Also, at chokepoints where your prisoners will enter/exit at least once a day (like say into yard or canteen) place metal-detectors.
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    I bought it, I have the extra cash and it looks good. Plus the developers have a good track record. I'll let you know what I think of it after I have some hours put in.

    Edit: Pretty fun so far, although the bugs and glitches tend to get annoying, although its an alpha so you can't expect much in terms of stability.
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    Game is way too fucking imba right now, my prisons riot no matter how well they are cared for all the fucking time, its driving me nuts. They have more than enough food and entertainment, it's not my problem if they choose not to eat or do anything besides complain. Also guards just continue to follow their patrol instead of actually stopping fights, they'll be 10 feet from a fight and just keep on walking.
  6. We should try and get this GreenLighted on Steam!
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    It's already on the docket to be put on steam, and it has lots of independent financial support, it doesnt need to be green lit.

    Edit: On topic I got the prisoners figured out, actually having a pretty easy time keeping them in line now. Only bug I seem to be experiencing is if there is like a small riot and there is more people put on lockdown than I have guards to put in their cells, those prisoners will glitch and never move again. I've had one prisoner handcuffed behind the sneeze gaurd in the cafeteria for a while now haha. Really good game for an alpha, I cant wait until this games gets more stable, been playing none stop regardless.
  8. Hehe, yeah, it is quite addictive in a very zen like fashion.

    As for stuck prisoners, just left-click on them to select, and then right-click on an empty cell. A guard will come along and remove the prisoner from his predicament and escort him to the cell you selected.
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    Oh nice thanks dude! Solved it for me, stoked. I had a guy cuffed for so long when I brought him back to his cell he shit himself, I had like 6 guys like that I think I smell a riot on my hands haha.

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