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  1. So this is a question/statement thread.

    I feel the answer to the question below is Priorities.

    Questions: How do you (GC members) manage your habits (glass and bud)?

  2. Bud, i usually limit myself to the weekends unless I dont have ANY work to be done.

    Glass, well who the hell can manage that except for the fact sometimes you need to eat and buy more bud haha.
  3. What are you talking about? Glass?
  4. pieces.
  5. I really dont understand what he is asking
  6. I blow all of my money on glass. stuff is amazing.
  7. I manage to take bong hits in between games and movies.
  8. im always torn between buying a new piece or buying more bud with said money...i think its only so much of a big deal to me because im new to the herb and want as much as i can get my hands on haha

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