Principal forcing me into a contract because Im 18

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  1. Hello and welcome to my post. Ive found my self in a situation in which I do not know what to do. I find grasscity to be one of the most highly intellectual and understanding community on the net which Is why I ask for your help today.

    To begin with I am 18 and a senior in high school. The principal called me in to the office today to talk about my 6 un excused absences and he said that because I'm 18 he can't send me to court, so he said he will instead be writing a contract and calling me later in the day to review and talk about. I asked him for a brief description of what the contract is going to say and it's if I miss another day of school I will have to do community service during the summer:

    I have a feeling that if I don't sign it(which is what I want to do) then there is nothing else he can do other than just preventing me from
    Graduating. I'm pissed off because I've just missed 6 days, I have good grades and have never caused any problems.

    What would you do in this situation? I don't want to go through the rest of my senior year knowing that if I get 1 more un excused absence I would be doing some community service or whatever other punishment he's going to include in that contract.

    Am I obliged to sign this contract?

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  2. You are 18 why don't you just excuse your absences....
  3. The maximum days you can excuse in this school is 3 days for a full
    School year. It's complete bullshit.

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  4. Lol bro I feel bad for you. 
    Back in HS, especially grades 11 and 12....I skipped my classes all the time. I remember the good ol days of forging notes by your parents, making the stupidest excuses, etc.
    If my principal was an asshole like yours...I definitely wouldn't graduate. 
    I don't think he can send you to court or make you do community service though, thats just him trying to find anything to punish you with.
    Don't sign the contract. 
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    Soon from now I'll be getting called up to the office. I'm just not going to sign it. I hope I get to graduate

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  6. I've never heard of a school where they don't let you graduate because you missed 6 days. 6 days versus 4 years of schooling...
    If they don't let you graduate, make a case about it. I'd be livid if I was declined to graduate just cause of shit like that.
  7. I remember my senior year I would always go to school around 3rd period and just had 2 classes after that lol. I would always smoke before and never felt like going to 1st or 2nd period. Anyways what I ended up doing was going to an alternative school I guess you could say, it was called School of Choice. It was very easy, got to work at my own pace so I was finished with school around January-February. I also still got to walk the stage with my classmates later that year too since that school is accredited through our public school district.

    You should see if your area has a similar school, I promise you won't regret it, unless you play sports because the alternative school I went to didn't have sports. It was pretty much a place to just finish high school quick as hell. If you have a school like this in your area tell the principle to suck your ass and transfer!

    Wraaaap the night around me, blanket of black on my back, I feel safe in the darkness...
  8. Holy fuck this country is becoming a huge shit hole. What is the current trend with all the damn tyranny? Ok , if you want to graduate, kiss his ass. But after you graduate, step into his office and raise your middle finger and tell him to rightly fuck off and die. Then pull down your pants and shit on his desk. Tell him to call one of his cronies to do community service to clean it up.
  9. LOL.

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    write a counter contract for him to sign.
  11. i did this. so you should do it too!!

    seriously. i would never go to class and i was really behind then i transferred to alternative ed because i wouldnt have been able to graduate if i didnt and i ended up graduating early from there..
    The alternative school that my highschool had was kinda like boot-camp. They would make you run suicides and do push ups everyday for P.E. lmao
    The school work was easy as hell though
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    Wait for him to call you into his office
    > "Im not signing that" *Chucks up deuces & walks out of office*
    Look back right before you pass his threshold and say
    > "Haha just kidding." *This is where you sign the paper with the name 'Wang Liqin'*
    If/once he realizes what you've done you are sure to be suspended, but it will be worth.
  14. for only 6 days? i would miss that many school days in a row. straight up weeks without going to school. i wouldn't recommend it i was fucken stupid.
    i got sent my senior year to a continuation school (same thing?) as well. i would go in at 11:30 got out at 2:30. All my classes were easy as hell. I would work in the office since i was barely missing the necessary credits and the whole staff was nice to me. The administration at the school before that were all cunts. I had like 2 or 3 teachers i liked the whole time i was there.
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    at mine we had "walking" class for PE.. we would literally either walk down the street to subway, and sit for a little, eat if you wanted, or we would walk to the jack in the box that was the opposite direction and do the same thing.. :laughing: it was kind of ridiculous.. we'd get credits for the most random shit.

    i almost want to ask what continuation school you went to because you live so close.. the one in mesa/newport? prolly not.
    anyway, yea it was badass all my teachers were cool as hell, the staff was rad, days were short. the majority of my old friends that i haven't seen in a loong time from old schools ended up going there too. i enjoyed it lol
  16. Not sure if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere or what, but here in the USA, summer is still quit a ways off. A lot could happen between now and then.
    Read his contract, tell him you'll get back with him the next day. Figure out some things you don't want in the contract and then when you meet, tell him the changes you expect to be made. If he doesn't want to negotiate, that's his problem. Trust me...he won't.
    If you're in the USA, he so is out of his boundaries. Ask him to see the school board policy on it.
  17. My friend was in the same boat our senior year but for being late.
    He signed the contract and everything, but nothing happened after he showed up late a few more times. But that's just how it happened at my school.
  18. Dude move to LA here they don't do that I'm 18 and in high school , my last year so senior year but anyways don't sign it it sounds like the right thing but for me I got to a school (idk if they have this where you live) but it's like a continuation school to make up your credits , anyways they can't do that 6 days out of the whole year that's pretty good and you have good grades he shouldn't be "harassing" you. Move to a diffrent school bro haha

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  19. Forcing someone into a contract is ILLEGAL.This is going to get very interesting.
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    Have you already applied to your universities/colleges of choice? If you are intent on not signing, and are willing to be held liable for the maximum penalty (in this case, not receiving a diploma from the looks of it) then you need to consider your alternatives. As you are 18 you should have no trouble picking up your current transcript and going right into a community college. This will cost you an extra semester of college tuition but if you already have plans to pay for a college degree further down the line, it may turn out to be a cost effective choice. Just make sure you effectively communicate the situation to your institutions of choice, especially if you have scholarships lined up.
    If however, you wish to remain in the school system for whatever reason, pay heed to your local school district's policies regarding absentee manners. Read whatever they have published and if it so happens that your situation is outside of an administrator's jurisdiction (i.e you find some overstepping or misconduct on their part) then gather some case evidence for yourself. Record conversations with your phone. Keep good records of all contracts and documents you exchange. If you need additional information from them, do so anonymously. Often times these situations occur because your school has to report individual statistics to the district, and are therefore liable for any disciplinary action for breaking the conduct that they set. Understand that although your principal is "forcing" you into this, he too, is being forced by means of his supervisors. Which means they probably know exactly what your infractions are if you do give them your identity.
    Consider yourself lucky to be getting out when you can. The quality of the public education system is in rapid deterioration and it won't be long before describing them as indoctrination daycares with a pipeline to prison becomes frighteningly accurate. From what you describe, with court processes and community service, that description may not be too far off from the day to day reality.
    edit: keeping yourself in and having a win-win situation may simply boil down to identifying absences per term, quarter, etc. 7 for the entire year sounds harsh.

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