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Prince of Pot to be extradited

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Thomas437, May 10, 2010.

  1. This is purely disgusting, this makes me sick. I hope marc is free and is able to go home safe and with a grin on his face.
  2. I like Canada and all, but Harper needs to grow a fucking pair and stand up for himself and his country. Too many people let the U.S. walk all over them (I am VERY surprised that we have not had more attacks like 9/11). The U.S. has turned into what Great Britain was around the time of American Independence.
  3. Marc Emery knew this day was coming and had obviously been preparing for it for a while. I really don't understand what people are so surprised about. The things that is complete BS is the fact that Canada continues to let the US affect its policy making. Lets be honest weed would be legal in Canada if the US if it wasn't so against it. (Policy Maker' not necessarily population) I think Marc really is kind of full of himself a bit I mean who goes by the "Prince of Pot" honestly? However, the guy is doing what 99% of the people on this site wouldn't have the balls or moxie to pull off, and for that he should be respected, even if it is somewhat fool hardy to go about things in this way. Marc clearly wants to inspire us to do things like the people in the video by one of the posters above. This is how things have gotten done in the past its a beautiful thing called civil disobedience. We should be roasting joints and blowing the smoke in policy maker's faces, shit if we are lucky maybe they'll get contact high :smoke:
  4. marcs friends are going to be campaigning realllllllly hard against the conservatives now

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