Prince of Pot to be extradited

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Thomas437, May 10, 2010.

  1. I am disgusted with my government :(

  2. It's not a blow by any means, just the next step in the process. It's unfortunate for sure that Harper doesn't have a pair of balls to stand up to the USA when we are being absurd (extradition for seeds, biggest joke ever besides the controlled substances act itself)
  3. I used to think that it was just unfair and shitty that the US would reach over the border and go after someone who is just selling seeds. I was outraged and just sickend at the gross ability the world gives the US to shove their believes down everyones throat.
    I mean it really makes me sick to know its STILL ILLEGAL after all the bullshit that the people are hip to that the government lied about.

    But the fact is... this fuckin Canuck did something illegal, and something stupid (we can buy seeds and clones and any and everything else we need here in the states). And he wants to flip off the US government for breaking a BIG law. Then I think even more... And the fact is... Most Canadians hate US citizens (and why? b/c we have to live under these oppresive assholes and do what they say). So I guess I feel a little sorry for this guy ( as i would anyone going to fuck me in the ass prison and runs the risk of getting shanked for a stupid little plant that no one knows why the pricks in the government wants illegal), but none the less... He hates America and did something completely stupid (we have them here idiot).

    I guess i wish him luck, but thats as much as this "piece of shit american" will give a canadian that shows the same love.
  4. Exactly, oviously there is going to be much anger and most likely protest especially in B.C. And yes what he did was illegal, but there is still the unjust of the war on drugs. and to me it looks like this

    selling seeds<cops shooting dog in front of kid for a natural plant
  5. Word. And what's more, look at his quotes-he sounds like Christ going to be crucified, like the whole country cares about him. Every single one of us here takes a risk, every single one of us here accepts the consequences. Man up. You're not Jesus. You don't have disciples.

  6. What about the guy who actually purchased the seeds? In my opinion, he is the one who should be punished, because he bought the seeds from a different in Canada, selling seeds isn't much of a crime, and if he isn't going to be charged here, why the hell are we letting him do time in a foreign country. I think more than anything else, the US wanted to make an example of Marc. He was advocating for something the US tries it's best to discourage (to put it lightly).
    I like the example they give in The Union - It's akin to buying a Canadian buying a gun from the United States. You don't go try to shut Colt down. If anyone is held responsible for this so-called "crime" it should be the buyer of the seeds.
  7. so how much money did the US throw to the fool that had to decide marc emery's fate?
  8. Unfortunately he does think he is Jesus. Emery was always delusional and thinks he is the Second Coming. His big mouth and ego have busted his own ass. sad but true.

  9. Except his ass did nothing that deserves this punishment ethically and that's what we should be standing up against. This is a big case in terms of the cannabis community.
  10. And I've also never heard him state anything about him being Jesus or a second coming. Seems pretty unlikely to me, Emery is a prime example of fighting for what you believe in.
  11. why all the hate towards Emery? Guy is an extreme advocate for Pot legalization and was almost the reason Canada legalizaed?

  12. Same reason cali growers are against legalization, they don't care about anyone but themselves.
  13. I used to feel sorry for this guy, but then when I sit down and think about it, he knew he was doing something illegal and still did it anyways. I agree with what he was trying to do, but the fact that he knew what he was doing was illegal and still did it anyways makes it hard for me to feel bad for the guy. Its like if I went and started selling pot as a dealer and then when I get raided I whine and complain about how I dont agree with the law and shouldnt be thrown in jail for it. That might be true, but the fact remains that its illegal regardless of weather or not I agree with the law. People like the prince of pot need to be a man and stop whining about having to do jail time. I mean, Tommy Chong got fucked over too, but he didnt whine about it. As far as I know, he made a documentery about how fucked up it was to try and get people into legalizing pot, but he didnt whine like this prince of pot dude.

  14. yea i wonder if you'd have the same attitude if you were facing five years in a prison cell not even in your own country
  15. All in all, Canada needs to stand up to its big brother America for once.
    If it was any other crime Canada would just take care of it themselves, but the fact of the matter is, Harpers government is glad that America came in and took over, because its too much of a hot topic for them to want to face the people of Canada by actually giving the punishment. (which shouldn't even exist, a punishment for seeds to grow a herb)
    this way, once again Canada can just step to the side, and watch.


    but DONT GIVE IN

    when they make these laws, all we have left is our voices
    so use them

  16. Damnnn real talk right there ^ :hello:
  17. lol... our voices are not heard, if so...why the nation wide health care then (when no one wanted it?) why is pot not legal?

    our voice means dick, but keep wasting air...ill use mine to inhale, cause either still smoking and the gov cant do anything to stop me.

    theres real truth.
  18. For everyone saying he deserved this, I seem to remember a famous quote that stated that you aren't accomplishing anything if you haven't pissed off anybody.

    Marc willingly practiced what he preached regardless if it was legal or not, he wanted to be that "martyr" of the movement and if that meant being sent to federal prison then so be it.

    He's a hero, not crazy.

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