Prince of Pot Arrested and charged !

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Jdizzly, May 25, 2010.

  1. Not sure if it's been said on this board but the Prince of pot has been arrested and could be in prison up to 5 years

    This has to be a huge blow for marijuana activists i would think..
    'Prince of Pot' pleads guilty to federal charge -

    "man known as Canada's "prince of pot" pleaded guilty Monday in a deal with prosecutors that could send him to prison in the United States for five years."

    :( Sad day today.
  2. Damn, I remember when this shit first happened. Shit I remember when he was selling seeds. It's a shame. His letter was powerful though: "everything i did was for this moment in time", He's a trooper.
  3. My next J will DEFINITELY be dedicated to him :(

    When the fuck is this company called the "U.S.A" gonna start minding their own fucking business? First Marc Emery, and now this whole mess going on in Jamaica??? Fuck...

  4. Whats going on in Jamaica?
  5. who the fuck are the DEA to say that he should go to jail
    hes canadian how is this legal?
    Thanks for the article tho good read rep+

  6. You haven't heard? They declared a State of Emergency...
    (because the U.S. is tryna fucking extradite some other dealer from there and theres chaos in the streets)

    Dozens killed in Jamaican violence -
  7. Maybe Emery is referring to the fact that he sold seeds, seeds that were rarely the ones he claimed them to be and knew that karma would catch up with him eventually for doing so?
    It's funny that he's going to jail for selling seeds across the boarder and not for the fact that he misrepresented his products to untold amounts of customers and therefore defrauded them of money.
    Karma will always catch up with you, always.
    Just ask OJ.
  8. Damnnn I didn't know about all of that. Yeah karma does catch up to you. I mean just look at all of the reputable seed companies that do business the right way and they're still running.
  9. Although Emery's political activism was commendable at times, he became famous for not selling what he advertised. He was notorious for buying up any hemp or bag seed he could find and sell it off as something else.
    That is why he never sold feminized seeds, he claimed they were a scam and wouldn't sell them for the reason that he didn't want his customers to waste their time and money.
    When in actuality it was he who was the scam and it was that his customers would have caught onto his lies when their seeds grew up to be cowboys.
  10. i highly doubt any of this true, but in the case it is, wheres your proof.

    link some articles!
  11. Here's one discussion of it:
    Emery is a narc - The Garden's Cure
    (read the 2nd post in, the one with the long quote)

    Another reference to it:
    Prince of Pot [Archive] -

    Considering this was a major problem around 2001-2003 (when I first started growing), their was lots of threads about it then, sadly it doesn't seem as if they've made it through space and time to this point. That's one terrible thing about the internet; sometimes evidence, articles, and threads disappear with the years. Their use to be discussions about the subject on here all the time back then.

    I also had some friends buy from him in person and over the net. Those who bought in person got really weak indica dom seeds when they were supposed to be getting high quality sativa dom seeds.
    The one who purchased threw the internet ended up getting hemp seeds sent to him, non-medicinal bogus ass hemp seeds.

    Like I said in my post above, some of his political activism was commendable, but as a business man he was rather slimy.

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