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  1. Anyone have any experience with them? What are your thoughts on them? For me, i find them pretty damn sexy and fun to play with. Im considering getting one done and would like to know what to expect and any tips if anyones got them done.
  2. Well, as I have no penis, I have no first hand experience with them. However, because of the tissue involved in this piercing, it's pretty invasive as far as piercings go. Pain tolerance is unique of course, but you can expect a fair amount of pain. A long healing time too, because of sheer depth an amount of tissue pierced. But on the bright side, genital piercings are fairly unlikely to get infected, because you're not constantly tempted to touch it all day. You also need to know that you should refrain from any sort of sexual contact to your penis for a fair while. At the very least until you stop bleeding, and when tenderness subsides. If you're going to do anything before it's completely healed, condoms are an absolute must. And do be aware that any piercing that comes into contact with a condom can increase the risk of it breaking. All things to consider.

    I mean, if you want it, get it. These are just the facts. You could always be well informed before getting any sort of mod.
  3. Your facts are wrong. I have a PA and I've stretched to about 4ga now but I bet a 2 would fit. The piercing is very minimal and almost nothing. I've had 8 other piercings and this one toes with my earlobes. The receiving tube was..uncomfortable, but the piercing was easy and quick. I had sex about 5 days later and everything went smooth. Healing time for the pa is one of the fastest on the body because it's in contact with the urethra which passes sterile urine from the bladder, cleaning off bacteria. Women love it. I love it. You'll love it.
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    You didn't feel much pain, great. You probably have a high tolerance. Doesn't mean he won't. Pretty much all piercings are quick and easy, that kinda goes without saying. It is, in face, a very invasive piercing. It's deep. It goes through extremely vascular, dense, sensitive tissue. It's akin to a woman getting her actual clit pierced. It can take up to 6 months to heal. That's on every healing chart ever published. Sterility of a certain body part has little to do with healing time (though it's a great issue regarding infection). Healing time has to do with type of tissue, type of piercing, and blood flow. Though blood flow is great to the area, it's still a very deep piercing. Deep puncture wounds take a long time to heal, that's just how it is. A piercing is also not necessarily healed, just because it stops hurting. There is a process going on, long after pain and discharge subside. That's something a lot of people don't realize.

    I'm glad you could have sex after 5 days with no problem, didn't make it a good idea though. You do, in fact, run the risk of damaging or irritating the new wound, which can prolong healing time. And if you do it without appropriate barriers, infection can easily result.

    But none of that's to say he shouldn't get the piercing. If he wants it, and has thought it through (meaning he understands how to care for it, and all the risks, and all piercings do hold a certain degree of risk). Some women love it. Not all of them. Once he has it, he may love it, he may not. No piercing is for everyone.

  5. Yeah...I can't get one :(
  6. I have unprotected sex, and it's actually not a deep piercing. No need to get defensive but I think you should at least take my opinion in consideration, considering I've had a 6ga PA for quite some time. My nipples hurt in another dimension and were difficult to take care of, while my PA was the easiest piercing I've ever had. Maybe an apradavya or ampallang could be considered deep, but a PA doesn't even have an exit wound. It's pierced usually from the outside into a receiving tube and only has to go throw a milimeter of skin to reach the urethral tube. It's considered a half piercing and is my favorite piercing to date, was never painful, and the 4 people I know who got it done after me would all disagree with you, but whatever you wanna preach.
  7. My buddy got one and didnt have sex for several months to let it heal properly. It also got him more vagina as it was a topic starter and b/c of the subject matter. He had his nipples pierced and claimed they were way more painful. I also remeber him saying he pee's like a girl(sitting down) b/c the pee splaters all over the place, he might of mastered it by now.
  8. i feel like just taking it out would be a huge improvement in pee accuracy/maybe allow you to pee standing up

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