Discussion in 'General' started by iMhigh, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried a primo before? I was asked last night if I wanted to smoke one but I refused for the simple fact that I don't do drugs...well hard drugs at least. Just wanted the community's opionions on whether or not I should try and if it would fuck me up in a way unbecoming of a pothead?

    Puff, Puff, Pass.

    *edit: spelling
  2. You are afraid of smoking it once and it will make you a pothead??? How does that work?

    Another thing, how can you say you don't do drugs? Bud, weed is a drug like any other thing... strong or not it doesn't matter... it is still classified as a drug.
  3. No, no...I think you misread my post. I know I am a pothead. I never said I wasn't or that I was afraid of being a pothead. Most friends of mine that smoke, don't do other drugs such as blow, acid, PCP, LSD, you know, shit like that. I for one do not conside weed a "hard" drug. All of the other drugs that I have listed are very addictive and ultimatley leathal. I have never heard of someone dying from smoking too much weed, I have however had a friend die b/c of blow. My question to everyone else was "Has anyone ever smoked a primo?", if so "Does it fuck you up worse that just a THC high?". XYZ, I am sorry I did not make my post clear for you, I will be sure to make my next question less confusing for you.

    Here, take a hit! Puff, Puff, Pass!
  4. i never have before, but ive heard they arent much different than weed, except you get REALLY baked real fast.

    i assume a primo is the same as a cocopuff, ie, weed laced with coke?

  5. acid = LSD

    acid is nowhere near addictive, I'm not sure about pcp but I doubt it is either. coke can be bad though, just be careful

  6. I smoked a primo before. I took a hit off it before I knew there was coke in it. When I found out it had coke in it I was pissed that no one told me.

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