Prime's Many Widows. ( Auto grow )

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by M9Prime, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, so I've just finished my last grow journal and it's time to start my second round of summer.
    I'll be growing:
    3 x White Widows Autos ( crop king seeds. not great but free. 4 of 5 germed 1 is mutated )
    1 x Norther Lights Auto ( crop king seeds, again not great but free 1 of 1 germed )
    1 x CBD freedom Dream

    So pull up a chair, as I already got these girls in their finals homes:
    The white widows are in (1) 5 Gal and (2) 7 Gal Smart pots
    The northern Lights is in a 7 Gal
    The CBD Freedom Dream is in a 7 Gal

    I'm using a 4x4 vivosun tent that i bought on amazon prime day for 60 BUCKS CANADIAN!!! and its excellent quality double sided zippers and all the bells and whistles.

    Ventilation consists of:
    4 inch 260 CFM input
    6 inch 360-400 CFM ( don't remember exactly ) Exhaust
    2 6 inch USB desk fans for air circulation.

    Medium is PROMIX i swear by this stuff
    with 30% added perlite.

    Nutrients: General Organics GO BOX
    ArmorSI = silica

    Lighting ( my favorite part! )

    had them under 2 Mars 300 for first week
    now they are under my QB260w slate3 ( 285w actual ) 3k ( waiting for my 4k boards )
    and my mars 600w
    Will be adding 2 more 300's when flowering starts

    so in total I'll have 2 mars 300's 1 mars 600 and a qb 3k on these bad girls.

    Veg Wattage : total 550 true watts for 4x4 = 16 sqft = 34.373 watts per sqft
    Flower Wattage: total of 820 true watts for 4x4 = 16 sqft = 51,25 watts per sqft

    let's get started!
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  2. Welcome aboard, Looking for names for all of them, take a claim if you wish haha
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  3. I want lucy on the northern lights
  4. shes the largest one of all of them. she's yours.
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  5. I've seen a guy on YouTube that had a beast plant. It seems like it so far lol
  6. Welcome back my friend :) il name a widow "nasty" ;) haha il continue through the garden as did last time I got all sorts shit going on at moment it's hectic haha 3super skunk photos in early flower and an ak47 just for something different also have 3 white widow autos a big bud and another Bluetooth all starting to bud now and 8 clones of the super skunk which will be headed to a nice sunny spot in the bush in around 4 weeks :)
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  7. Had to give up on my dwc grow as planted one of the superskunk in a 50lt tub coco/perlite which seemed like a good idea at the time but took over my main room n was growing to fast so had to give it the tent all to itself n rearrange everything else into my other room where I couldn't use the dwc as to hard to empty the res :(
    Looking forward to seing how you go this time last lot ended up looking beautiful man did a grouse job :)
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  8. Thanks!
    I heard res changes can be a bitch, but im still ganna try hydro soon.

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  9. Thats one Nasty widow.

    Has a ring to it

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  10. My girls are almost on their 3rd week so i figured I'm going on a trip till Sunday morning. Currently Thursday afternoon, i gave all the girls 1 gal of water with 1ml of nutes.
    Upped the air circulation with 1 more desk fan. This should hold me over until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Can't wait to see the growth when I come back!

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  11. It's not all that bad. Pick up a electric syfon it helps.
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  12. Na res change not bad just my other room set down in ground a bit so had to get a pump ect to bring water up n was to much hassle as extra cord ect so just transplanted in to coco n she's grown bout 5 inches in last week after doing not much for few days so she's ok
    Last time I grew them I did the going away thing only went for couple days n came back n they had doubled in size lol opened the room n was like wtf ok then haha autos are great at sudden massive growth spurts aha my Bluetooth did with last run was putting an inch to inch n a half on every day for weeks
    This run I'm loving the super skunk it such a beautiful strain seed was a lucky find in some smoke that came from a guy who deliberately seeded one back in late 90s lol had heap of seeds n just been growing a couple outdoors each year but wouldn't give any away haha when found one think planted it next day n now turned into a big ass mother n 15 od clones n he don't know I'm growing it ;)
  13. Haha I was gonna do this but already at max power cords running 2 main rooms n a cloning box on a 10amp fuse hahaha
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  14. It's battery powered lol

    Kevieboys family adventure grow
  15. Already big enough headache running what I am without adding in syphoning res once a week aswell lol if didn't have a misus probly wouldn't bother me but already spend to much time "looking after the bloody plants" aparently haha think she's jelous of my girls
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  16. Trying to find that balance is hard for me. I'm tired of hearing "you spend so much time with the plants." I'm just thinking "Do you want weed for 5x-10x as cheap or Do you want to spend ridiculous money for it? Do you want good weed or do you want to have to smoke 3x as much weed to get a decent high?"

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  17. Mine just forgets she gets free weed for 2 months every time I crop lol
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  18. Hey guys, back from my trip and it was beyond amazing.
    But let's forget about the trip and start talking about these girls. They survived the 3 night trip!
    And it looks like only the cbd plant has some nitro tox. But its a weird plant. It's under 24H of light and she started to form buds on her own. What a wild strain. Anyway onto my widows!

    All the white widows look amazing as do the northern lights! They got water, calmag and silica today no N. Just a little P and a little K.

    Also the autos have all show signs of sex and they getting big.
    Even my little mutant is growing up haha. Don't know if she will do much but who cares I'll grow anything that's beautiful [​IMG]

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