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    Ok I have a game. You know pig latin? Well it's sort of a spin off of that.

    What you do is take the first consonants of a word and switch it with any of the subsequent word's first consonants within a relative proximity to the prior word. E.g., "I'm takin' bits" can be switched to "I'm bakin' tits."

    Pretty straight forward, right? Well, lets get creative. Homophones can be used in the newly created phrase. E.g., "I'm bacon tits."

    The idea is to take a real phrase and switch it to something that may or may not be entirely sensible but has a funny connotation.

    We can do this with any phrase, "smoking pot" would be "poking smot" but this isn't necessarily funny, "I'm bacon tits" is funny. Sheer bits of beer shits is funny.

    Double points if you can make a name out of an existing funny phrase. E.g., Small penis would be Paul Smeenus. Hairy poop would be Perry Hoop. The more real sounding the name, the better

    Also some things just sound funny and none of anything about them makes much sense, but it resembles something that could. E.g. slutty puss is a putty sluss.

    Things that end in "uss," such as smuss, buss, and duss (the u is pronounced like the u in "put"), are pretty funny but there are other funny ones out there.

    Any takers?
  2. Banky stitch

    Wood geed

    Feiling can

    Sindow will this?
  3. Yes but try to make sentences or something funny with the stuff you switch, e.g.

    Taco Bell is trying to ban Tina Cole from ever eating a Cantina Bowl

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