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pricing question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by firsttimetoker, May 27, 2010.

  1. Okay, so my friend has decided to start selling brownies.

    At $10 a pop.

    I think that this is ludicrous and she won't listen, so I'm asking you guys for opinions.

    She has $125 worth of reggie (which she overpaid for, by the way, by about $20) sunk into these brownies. This weighs up to an ounce and quarter. I seriously doubt all of its in there. They made the cannabutter and made four batches of brownies with it. I don't know how many brownies are in a batch but the minimum is going to be about 12, so we'll go with that

    So, based on some quick math I did.

    125/4 = 31.25
    31.25/12 = 2.60
    35g/48 brownies = .73g each
    So, with cost of brownie mix and materials that comes up to 3-3.50 a brownie that they've got in it.

    So basically she wants us to give her 300% profit for doing a little baking, where we can pay $10 and get 2.75 times more weed.

    Now, since I am completely new in the art and science of weed economics, I guess I really want to know if this is a normal markup.
  2. at a dispensory in colorado brownies are 2 for 7 bucks. made with canna-btr. i think they are a good value. 1/2 a brownie and im stoned-so i get high 4 times for 7 bucks. lots cheaper than smoking.:D
  3. If she is your friend, she should defiently give you a brownie for 5-6$

    Thats what they go for around here.

    Tip: Always make sure you know how much and what quality was put into brownies you are buying as you do!

  4. Haha, I asked her that and she tried to say "Enough" and leave it at that, to general ridicule.

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