Pricing- how much do I really need to pay for good seeds?

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  1. Hello all,

    I am planning a first grow. I am looking for seeds now and I've seen such a huge range in prices from like $20-$300. Is there justification for the really expensive seeds, or is it more because they come from name brand breeders?

    Is there a sweet spot for price range? How much should I be paying for good seeds without breaking the bank? Are the $20-30 seeds ok?

    Finally, how accurate are the yield listings that people list on their websites? Is it total BS?
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    Dude good genetics are worth the cash. I have paid up to 26 dollars for 1 seeds of some quality genetics. Generally the higher priced seeds are coming from a more refutable breeders so you can trust that there seeds are more stable. You have a lot of things that can come into play when buying seeds for example if you buy from a poor breeder you have a high chance of mutants and hermies. A good breeder will take a long time to stabilize there genetics before selling the seeds and it will truly show in the quality of a plant it produces. I believe the claims of the breeder on the weight are wet weights and can be obtains if you are very skilled and provide optimal conditions. Again some breeders can be not as good as others and will put a high claim to simply sway you into buying there product. I can not tell you a sweet spot on price but I can reccomend some good affordable breeders for you. Some breeders I reccomend that are affordable would be Big Buddha and Green House Seeds. If you wanna spend a lot of cash Id recommend Soma Seeds and Sensi Seeds. Bottom line is I will pay pretty much what ever it takes to obtain a strain that I truly want from a refutable breeder.Think about it if you breed 2 retards in real human life don't you think the chances of getting another retard are high? Genetics is where it all starts.:wave:
  3. It depends what you want.Mandala seeds are real good for a real good price.There are alot better strains but you pay for them.If you have the money get the best if not then dont.
  4. Thanks man, I think I'll give Greenhouse a shot!


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