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Discussion in 'General' started by PS2_MAN, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. I love to toke, but when it comes to buying i get very wary of myself, basically what i'm trying to say is;

    A Nick = 5$
    A Dime = 10$
    A Half = 50$
    An ounce = 100$

    What r the inbetweens i'm missing?? I know that pricing varies on differnt strands, so i'll base everything on Swag Prices for now, any help would be appricated>>....

    -Tnx, PS2_Man
  2. damn i wish i could get an ounce for 1/8 over here is 60...but the quality makes up for it :)
  3. Its easy just do some quick math if you ounce costs $100 thats 28grams that means a half ounce should be abour 50-60$ and so on. Get a calculator its not to hard. =)

  4. i wish i could get oz for $100 i pay $180 wear im at and$251/8 but its not as good as what i grow sow i dont buy to much
  5. in fla i could get
    oz for 80
    1/4 for 20
    oz for 120 when you want some killer

    in alaska
    its 120 a 1/4

    20 a gram

    and most times it is worth it

    usualy from BC
  6. depending on quality and who I get it from an oz can be anywhere from 60-100, or even 400 for the really, really good stuff, I don't buy nugs that often tho
  7. No weed to be bought at any price for 2 weeks now.....................still can buy heroin tho. :rolleyes:

    Thanks to Mr. AssCroft.

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