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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BrettBradley, Nov 21, 2011.

    1. Hey whats up guys im getting an ounce of mids for 120$ is that a good deal or should i save up?:smoke:

  1. Save for some good bud. Like 250$. You'll thank yourself later.
  2. its reasonable. depending how "middy" they are.

    mids could be dank to some one else lol
  3. Buy dank not mids!
  4. I would say 100 is average for mids but it could be good mids could be terrible mids that's the risk haha
  5. If I pay $120 I usually get at least a half oscar of fire... but i gotta drive to another city a little over 100 miles away to get it. It's definitely worth it when prices here in the city of Montana (billings) are 140-160/half, 250-300/oz... $70-100/q... $40-50/eighth. 35 for patients :eek:

    Really depends on who you know man... are you getting this from the source who grows it? from a person who buys from a source (like me and patients ;))? Or are you just getting this off some random who happens to have ounces... of bobbybrowns :p

    Im picking up a 40/eighth of dank acapulco gold... delivered from my buddy (always good meds here in mt... nothing but the best)
  6. I get it from my Friends Friend
  7. saw some acapulco gold in a grow book, looks nice :p

  8. 350 quarter pound at most.
    88.50 an oz.

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