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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TooCute4u, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. How much does a half oz Reggie's sell for
  2. Prices vary from coast to coast, assuming your in the us. If your on the west coast it will be on the cheaper side, east coast will be more expensive.

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  3. $30 max

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  4. One hundred and twenty dollars, cash.
  5. I'll give you $80 and a case of Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip.
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  6. Half should be around $40-50

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  7. I can get a half of kush for $120 lmao

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  8. I can get a car loan, but I already own a car.
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  9. Nc is slacking at $75 a 1/4

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  10. yea i moved to nc about 6 months ago so i only know one guy here and its 60 bucks an 8th no breaks no matter how many ya get so im basically payin 500 a month for a oz its good weed but fuck this im growing my own
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  11. $95 and a box of Reese's peanut butter cups. Deal or no deal?
    *Advertised pricing subject to change
  12. your creepy
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  13. Damn your insight ironeyes.
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  14. I live in New York where bud prices are awful, so around here you'd be seeing anywhere from 100-150 dollars for a half oz. When I was in Canada however, bud was only about 80 for a half oz, so in the end it really just depends on where you live.
  15. I usually pay $120 for high quality half ounces.

    How can you tell me this plant is not good for me?
  16. One hundred bucks an ounce, all day long. Top strains, dank bullshit whatsoever.

    Helps if you live in southern Oregon, where the good shit is grown. :D
  17. That isn't really a street price though. That's what I payed when I went to Denver and used groupon lololol

    How can you tell me this plant is not good for me?
  18. That is street price...although less quality can be found for less. Last year's harvest, for example, is $80 now that this year's stuff is on the street for $100 an ounce. :love-m3j:

    In the dispensaries, it gets a lot pricier. Haven't actually bought from one yet, but I hear they can be twice the price for the same stuff. Our black market is still in place, and will be until the legit pot shops can undersell the kid on the street...

    My uncle lives in Colorado (I used to, too) and tells me it's more expensive there. What is this 'Groupon' of which you speak?
  19. Comparing apples to oranges like we are here...I'm just glad I don't have to pay for weed in pesos. The California economy is strong, weed is dank, and people still have no money to spend. Life isn't cheap and carefree unless you have privileges that upper echelon citizens get to enjoy.

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