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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Luggernutt, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. :hello:How much do you pay for a dime? For me its 25
  2. Back in my day a dime meant a 10 sack...
  3. this... when the fuck did it change?

  4. It didn't. It still means $10 worth of weed.

    OP prob thinks dime=1g since some people get grams for ten bucks, so he is getting a g for $25.
  5. dime would be 10 (mids)
    dub would be 20 (dank)

    Both 1 gram

  6. What about half gram dank, that's a dim.

    and 2gs mids, that's a dub.

    It's not the quantity, it's the price.
  7. whatever OP thinks a dime is, it is a damn bad price for it!
  8. Yes first of all a dime refers to a $10 sack.. but 25 is even a little pricey for a gram imo, hopefully you are getting some fire.
  9. LOLI meant eighth
  10. $25 for an eighth is the going price for high mids in ny
  11. only time i payed 25 for a g was because the bud was soaked it codeine syrup lol

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