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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by boston34, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. how much is a g, cut, etc. of heads and mids where your from.
    i live in pa and most is
    20$ g
    60$ cut
    120$ quarter
  2. 15-20 G
    50-60 8th
    90-110 quarter
    180-200 half
  3. we dont get mids in texas, just dank
  4. [quote name='"SmokeTexas"']we dont get mids in texas, just dank[/quote]

    Ha!!! What a jokester
  5. I'm in up in Alberta, Canada


    40-50 1/8

    80 Quart

    160-180 Half
  6. Usa,midwest.
    20 a g,
    50 a 8th,
    90 a quarter,
    175 a half,
  7. [quote name='"bruhlazer"']

    Ha!!! What a jokester[/quote]

    Brick weed tho.
  8. that doesn't make any sense :smoke:
  9. in south texas mids are
    $10-7 grams

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