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prices,smoking tips,making your weed better

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by stikychocolate, Oct 27, 2003.

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  1. prices dank-20/gram
    950/quarter pound
    400/quarter pound
    1200/quarter pound
    smoking tips. ever have a ciggarett lit and go to take a hit out or ur bowl but lost ur light take the cigg put the cherry part on the weed in the bowl and hit that shit. rolling the perfect blunt-a GARCIAyVEGA 6 grams and a grinder grind all the bud up and roll that shit and line the blunt with some honey its perfect--making your weed better say you have 2 grams but need to make alot of money f of sellin it break donw the weed into nickle sized nug put in boiling water and let sit for 1 minutes drain dry but and u have just made the potency go up 55% good smokin to everybody
  2. Those prices are a rip off. And that \"make your weed more potent\" thing.....

    flaming is not permitted on the forums.......even if it doesn\'t seem like the best idea........Sid

  3. hahahah....wow...

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