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Prices On Yah Weed!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DeiseL-n-Kush, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Just wondering on some pricing.. It seems alot of people here over pay?.. Maybe i just know the main connects?

    a dime bag of mids= how much? around here we get at least 1.6 for $10
    Kb Is like 1.2 for $10
    Dro is like 1 for $10
    Haze is like 1 for $20
    All of the Headys are $20 a gram..
    Then you have Kush.. N Sour Deisel.. Ohh damn love that shit... .7 is like $20 or 1 for $25.

    Now Eight's

    Mids. 20- 25 if your getting ripped.

    and the rest Just sold by the Gram.. 3.5 of Dro = 35.
    3.5 of sour deisel = $65

    I just needa know if its cheaper here or whats up.

    Ounce of Mids. = 120 MAX
    Ounce of Hydro = 200-250MAX ussualy 220.

    Aight any help would be sick thanks guys.
  2. Weed is sold on the black market

    prices are changed according to supply and demand.

    people dont overpay

    its all about availability = who you know

  3. thats very true
  4. haha, Yes and i know that.. Duh!
    Well I did find out the main connect is here... Haha

    But what i was asking was what do you normaly pay.. For the 6 months or so.
  5. You have posted a duplicate thread but the funny thing is, the original was also posted by you.
  6. goin rate here: 1.75gr for 20 euros
  7. that's only cause there is little to none on competition
    sold quick
  8. sounds like normal prices to me, i mean i dont get 1.2 everytime or w/e but its like 1.5-2 gs of mids for ten, and 15 for 1.2 g of dro and same f or the rest i guess, tho gs never really cost much more than 20.
  9. My dirt weed connect gives 3 dollar grams. $40 an ounce.
    My mids connect gives me about 5 dollar grams. $90 an ounce.
    My beasters connect is about 15 dollars a gram. $200 an ounce.
    My dank connect is about 25 a gram. $320 an ounce.

    but before people start calling me a math retard, the more i buy the more i get hooked up and i always buy an eighth or more so I get hooked up pretty nicely
    and the thing i like best is that my dank hook up always removes all the heavier stems so all i get is a bunch of .3-.6 nugs with almost no stem weight
  10. two days ago i bought the following:

    Purps = $45.00/8th
    Durban Poison = $40.00/8th

    I live in SoCal
    decent price, decent cannabis
  11. Its all about supply and demand.
  12. ^^^ exactly...and thats what its always going to be about
  13. people have such fucked up prices.
    80 a quarter
    160 a half
    300 a z
    900 a qp
    1600 a hp
    3000 a p

    talkin seattles finest super fire only here. that 100% organic one hitter
  14. Im from seattle too people dont have fucked up prices just different weed and supply and the prices you listed are just for the dank shit. oz. go anywhere from 200-320.
  15. shit here in TEXAS a blunt is $5.00 a dime is $10.00 a dub sack is 20.00 and a half an ounce is 25.00 but sometimes their $20.00 and an ounce is $50.00 and i dont feel like typing the rest but you get the idea CHEAP!!!!:smoke:
  16. Step it up from Schwag partner, we got better stuff here than that.
  17. here its pretty much standard no matter what the bud is
    10 dollars for a dime,
    20 for a g
    50 an eighth
    80-100 for a quarter
    250-300 an ounce if your not a dealer. i think straight from the source they're like 100

  18. $150 for .5 z - Quality ranges from good to very good, depending on time of year. Most of the heavier stems are removed..

    $175 for a z of mids.

    Big Apple suburbs :smoke:
  19. Back in Cali I used to get 10 grams for $100 every other week, and it was dank. I moved to Hawaii a couple months ago and it's like 50-65 an 8th (about the same quality) out here....I miss my old hookup.
  20. 6k lb nycd, bog bubble, buddha sister(soma skunk). resale in ny is mad money. i mean MAD. 65O an Oz....and up for the desiel....i love ny.....crazy ass mofos know what they want and got the jack to back it up. just love visiting once a month.

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