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  1. What are prices in your area for shrooms and coke per gram? Oh and whut are some prices for LSD? Sorry for asking but a friend was bugging me to ask someone who knew what they where talking about.
  2. I don't bother too much any more with other drugs than the weed but where i am you don't buy shrooms you just go up the hill and pick them...the farmer doesn't mind.....coke is approx £50 a gram or $75 US, i think thats the right conversion....LSD is allmost impossible to get here now in the mid 90's it was really easy to get and cost £5 a tab about $7.50 one of my pals got some and they were still £5 now....Peace out....Sid
  3. shrooms can be picked here, but you can buy them dried for about $50/half ounce...good quality

    I dont use coke, but it goes for about $50/gram...dont know about the quality...

    lsd is very hard to get these days especially in the western US...I hear that one of the only large scale labs remaining in the US was some guy milking out millions of hits per week of crystal lsd in a lab in some silo down in texas, but he was busted earlier in the year..I havent seen much decent lsd since around that time....but on a good day lsd can go for about $1-$2/hit or $75-$80 for a blotter of about 100 hits...
  4. i was asking because i haven't been in touch with these drugs for a while now and i just met someone who can get me just about anything i can think of. Hes saying right now he can get blotters really cheap, and around here you can sell them for $5 a hit easily. He said he could get coke for around $90 a gram, i have a bunch of friends that want me to hook them up with some but i'm not too into it.
  5. dont fuck with the coke unless your just sprinklin a lil bit on some weed to have a lil fun...But dont snort or shoot any of that shit.....I get shrooms for 30 dollars 1/8.
  6. i used to snort coke but i got carried away with it so i quit, well i ran out of cash then my dealer left town. I really don't want to start back up with it again but i have a huge craving for it. If i do get any i'm just going to sell it so i can afford bud, and if i do any i'll probably just smoke a little. But coke is in a huge demand right now and i know i can make mad cash from it.

  7. I SO know what you mean. I crave it every once in a while. I only snorted it, though. I wouldn't be able to have it in my house like that. I can get a weeks worth of shit done in a day and feeling invincible ROCKS. The temptation would be pure evil and would get me pretty quick. I used to have a friend, who has since passed away, who used to sneak me some behind my man's back at least once a month. He doesn't like me doing it cause I get greedy. That's a good thing for me, I guess. It's been quite a while since I've done it.

    Shrooms are about $40 a quarter here and are hard to find and coke is at least $80 a gram if not more. Usually more if it's cut right. But it isn't hard to find at all. Acid is just impossible to get here...I have been dying for a good trip and can't find it anywhere so there's no telling what it would cost per hit.
  8. shrooms go for about $30/eighth, sometimes as lucky as $20.

    acid, i rarely use and last time didn't pay for because my friend had some sugar cubes on reserve in his freezer... but it goes anywhere from $2-5/hit, depending.

    ecstacy, i hear, hasn't gone up much in price and goes typically for $20 but rarely for $30 (due to purity) out here.

    coke, no clue, crystal no clue, because with these 2 i too have a tendency to get carried away and thus keep far far away. the less i know the better off i am and the smaller that little voice gets (i'm not psychotic, i just like the "invincible cleaning-and-all-around-goddess lady" that comes out during those times too hehe).
  9. E in Scotland goes for £4 or $6 and it's usually pretty pure, however i don't touch the stuff.....Peace out.....sid
  10. i'm going in to get a few tattoos soon, and when i do i'll probably snort a little coke, and when i get my tounge pierced i'm going to put some on my tounge, if the coke is good as the shit i used to get i shouldn't feel a thing.
  11. Ganjaphish thats why I dont buy E here in Cali...If your buyin it off the streets people charge you 20-30 but if you can track down the right people or you move somewhere where it goes for cheap like a lot of places around the eascoast, you should be able to get a tab for 5 bucks...People I know are charging 20 so thats why im waitin.

  12. getting your tongue pierced doesn't hurt much (as long as it's done right)... i know this 'cause i've done my own 12 times... got it professionally done once (no... i didn't have 'em all in at the same time).

    but anywayz, coke here goes for like $80 a gram (or an 8-ball as some people like to call it), LSD can be anywhere between $5 and $10 a hit (but there hasn't been any around here for almost a year), the shrooms i get go for $40 an eigth (really, really good shrooms :)). yes... life in the burbs is expensive...
  13. Well i have a friend that owes me some money, and i been trying to get him to pay me back for a while, but wasn't working. So i told a few people i could get them 50 hits of acid for $100 if they could get him to pay me up so i could get the acid, and it worked. Because theres way more people that want acid than i thought, my whole fucking school wants to beat this dude up for me now. Sense hes scarred he just got a job and is going to slowly pay me up, but its going to take a month or two because he has to pay up some fines. So when i get my money i'm just going to buy a sheet (100 hits) and put the rest of the money in my truck. I'll sell 50 hits off at once to make my money back, then sell the other 50 off at $5 a hit. When i get the money back from the sheet i'll buy another one for me to eat over time, and the money extra i'll throw into my truck.
  14. here in alaska
    there is no asid

    i am thinking of makeing my own...

    shrooms are 40 an 1/8

    and everything elts is so expencive
    you would not believe
    there are no roads in or out of my town
    you can only get here with a boat or plane

    so even the weed is expencive
    20-30 a gram
    but it is the killer

    if i could get a sheet of trips here i would be
    god of this town

    untill it was gone

    (i thought an 8-ball was an 1/8th?)
  15. everyone covered everything pretty much for here except the acid. $500/400 hits. or in single hits $4.00 depending on what you buy. but that's what I buy. california sunshine triple dip.

  17. shrooms down here (colorado) run me about 25 an eigth, coke, ive never done it, dont plan on it either, dunno the cost, acid down here runs me 4 bucks a hit

  18. Damn, 25 a g? Thats mad good. Around here, coke goes for 50-60 a g, and the real good coke is like 70+.

    Shrooms, when they are around, its like 25-30 an 8th, sometimes like 35-40 if they are real good.

    Acid, pretty hard to get, but from the people I know who got it, costed them like 5 a hit, sometimes 10.

    E, most is 15 a pill, better stuff is 20.
  19. so i'm wondering for myself, is 15 dollars good for an e pill. has anyone done e? what's it it sketchy? doing some research before i try rollin
  20. cant u just go to a cow pasture and turn over cow pies and look for the red with white white spots or the ones that bruise when u touch it (had to learn..... dont want a poisonous shroom)

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