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Prices of different quantities

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by imonaboat, May 26, 2009.

  1. Does anybody know the prices of highs around in NY. and large sizes like ounces and pounds.
  2. From posts ive seen ounces are like 450-500 for dank? seems like ALOT but its just what ive read...
  3. If you've got connections it can be around $200, I burned in Redhook, BK with one of my boys and we got some pretty chronic buds for $200.
  4. Ya around 300 an oz I think but nah the dude who said that it should be in apprentice tokers Im not sure if that should be right. I dont know any newbies buyin pounds and ounces. peace bro.
  5. i don't know anyone buying pounds that has to ask about prices either...
  6. Maybe this is his first time buying a pound. You don't just take an oz and multiply it by 16, either, it's usually significantly cheaper.
  7. ya for sure I know some stupid newbie kids who just think weed prices are all based on grams. Fucking people.
  8. this made me "lol"
  9. wow, this is all news to me.
  10. in ny dank bud is gonna run like 400ish per zip shit prices but u can get some pretty dank shit
  11. Oh shit!:eek::hello:

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