Prices In The Pan Handle Of Florida

Discussion in 'General' started by grant32539, May 31, 2013.

  1. Yeah so pretty how much do you guys pay for weed in the north part of florida

  2. I'm from South Florida, so MAYBE we have similar prices.
    Quarter- $90
    Half- $160
    Ounce- $300
    I've never bought more or less than that, so that's the best info I can give. I've been through four dealers, and have kept the one that gives me quality. 
  3. took me forever to reply I forgot aboust this post but those are literally the same prices as mine for my guy who is always 100% quality
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    250 for the o, 10 for the gram
    delray beach
  5. same prices here in central FL
  6. from sofla as well. lucky to get quality. 275$ for an o last guy gave me 1/2 dank & 1/2 pine needles or moldy badly cured "parsley" . they were both in the same stank bag, didn't notice.
    I've gotten herojuana (best strain) for 140 1/2 in the past couple of years. hard to find someone trustworthy who won't short the bag, sad to say :-(

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