Prices in the Late 90s - Early 2000s

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  1. I'm going to be writing a book that takes place about 15 years ago. Do any of you veteran tokers happen to remember how much weed used to cost back then? Grams? Ounces? Pounds?
  2. dime bag was 1.5 grams in nj. a nick was usually around .75-1g, depending on the guy and how much he had left.
    15 years ago i was a young teen, so i didnt really buy weight, i's just buy 5-10 nicks get 4-5 free, and be good for a week or 2 :smoking:
  3. Kentucky
    I started 95-96.  $50-75/ounce...2g+ dimes.  $500-/lbs
    By 2000.  $100-125/ouce...2g+/- dimes.   $500/lbs was becoming exception rather than rule.
    There was a sweet spot back in 08-09 where $75/ounce was no big deal for QP+ deals.  After that I opted out of the soul crushing black market.
  4. 70's weed was cheap if you had a connection. 10 dollar lids (giant Mason jar lids crammed full) usually about a ounce. The 80 ' were fucked Reagan and the war on drug's just say no bs. 400 to 500 dollar ounces 60 a 1/8! If you could find it. Camp led to indoors (hydro) supply went back up prices stabilized. Then the semi legal organic farmers/ commercial grower of today. Supply is through the roof and prices are lowest in history even if adjusted for inflation. bat mobile

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