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Prices in New York?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by As Above So Below, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I did a search for prices in NY before I made this thread, but I'm sure a thread like this has already been made, so don't flame me for it :laughing:

    I might be moving to New York with my uncle on Sunday but I wanted to know about the prices of bud up there. I will be between Pleasantville and Valhalla, New York, which I hear is a pretty wealthy neighborhood.

    My unlce might be teaching me how to caddy. He's caddied for Bill Clinton and George Lopez :D Thought that was cool :laughing:
  2. Come Caddy for me up in Valhalla I'll pay you 300 for 18 holes.
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    You're not going to like what I'm about to tell you, but here it goes. If you don't really know anyone out there it's going to be pretty expensive. I'm from Jersey, but I know a little bit about NY prices. Pretty sure it goes something like this-

    Eigth $70
    Quarter $130
    Half $250
    Oz $500

    Keep in mind those are the absolute highest prices I've seen people pay in NY. I'm sure you'll be able to get prices more like this-

    Eigth $60
    Quarter $120
    Half $220
    Oz $400

    Or maybe you'll get lucky and find something like this-

    Eigth $50
    Quarter $100
    Half $200
    Oz $350

    Good luck to you man, I hope you don't get stuck paying $500/zip.
  4. i have a more local dealer who i just buy $20 dubs off him so i dont know the bulk discounts, however i do know of a guy in the city who i was gonna buy from but i found a local guy. the city guy did tell me his prices which were:
    Dub: $20
    Quarter: $120
    Zip (Oz): $420 (haha)

    i wish you the best of luck and welcome to the tri-state!
  5. Long island... I pay
    60 an eighth
    110-115 a qtr
    220 1/2
    375-400 oz. Those are prices for banging Buddha though, reggies are kinda hard to come by but I've seen regs going for 30 a qtr, 60-1/2, 120 oz. But as far as most bud goes, 20 bucks for a dub, (normally .9-1.1)-should be 1.0 though. Good luck with everything though, hope I was of some help for you.
  6. Went to nyc once for fun.. ended up payin 20 a gram for commercial, nypd isnt as good as i thought:smoke:
  7. Valhalla!! I'm between Long Island and NYC, but I love Valhalla. Default prices have already been listed, but I just had to post to say that.
  8. I'm right near West Point and I just spent $120 for 1/4th of dank.
  9. yeah long island you just gotta find a good dealer becuase everybody is randomly dry sometimes. And sometimes you get hook ups and sometimes not
  10. not sure, surious to know tho
  11. did you figure out the pricing yet?

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