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Prices in my area

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by originalganja, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I have been reading a lot of what people here at GC say their prices are for various amounts of bud, and it all seems so cheap!

    Maybe because all my connections aren't REAL dealers.

    Also, i never come across any truly dank bud. Its all regs damnit!

    I have heard people here consider beasters really good shit...I personally don't like the high it gives.

    Beasters is like $15 a gram, $40 and eighth, $70 a quarter, $250ish an ounce. Are those decent?
  2. I feel you man, I can only get dank occasionally in Wallyworld.

    Those prices are pretty good, but I think you can find better if you try. Atleast you're getting decent stuff for 40/8th instead of 50.
  3. Yeah it was usually 40-45 a slice. But i see pictures of way better bud for the same prices on here and get jealous lol.

  4. Yeah dude I can only find regs/mids around my area and the pics in the stash jar make me so jealous. Especially Canadian prices like 30 for an 8th of dank.
  5. what the FUCK happened to the zone? $250 for 27g!? :poke:
  6. agree with the first guy..down here in florida prices sound crazy steep....even for good shit, my boy isnt a grower...hes long down the line for middle men which is the reason for the prices, but its insane

    all depends on what it is but somewhere around here
    200-half 0
  7. yeah im from nova and we rarely have any dank around(at least all my connections) but mids prices:
    30- 1/8
    60- 1/4
    100- 1/2
    150- 1/1

    dank that the dealers try to jip you with, runs 50-60 1/8th. and idk about more.
  8. Wow where i live (NIU)...dro and dank are

    20 - gram
    65 - 1/8
    120 - 1/4
    160 - 1/2

    kush is 25 a gram and 75 an 1/8 btw

    i don't buy more than that so i don't know higher...Damn i hate where i live. weed is too expensive compared to you guys
  9. Oops..The ounce price is what the dealer was getting them for, all the others are what he was selling them for though.
  10. $75 an 8th seems high even for some really good kush
  11. #11 SkunkZilla, Jun 8, 2009
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    :smoke: Where I'm from non dealer prices for good chronic are
    50 an 8th
    100 a quad
    400 an oz
    most dealers get ounces for 250 to 350:bongin:
  12. I would pay 50 an 8th for some chronic over 40 an 8th of beasters anyday
  13. ussually its 15-20 a g for dank

    and what i ussually buy if noone is puttin cash in too would be a quarter for 25 of some high mids

    25 - quarter
    50 - half 0
    80-100 - ounce

    its not bad weed either, maybe i have good connections or its just cheap here :smoking:

    edit: i ussually dont buy in bulk because i dont have a scale, but everyone i knows does so its ok.
  14. Lol I was like those are my prices then I noticed we live in the same state, I stay in Denver though but exact same prices for me.
  15. #15 SkunkZilla, Jun 8, 2009
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    Nice duha i live near Ft. Collins and if you haven't yet you should join the colorado tokers group:smoke:

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