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Prices in Canada vs States vs Other

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalSteve, May 22, 2010.

  1. So im from Ontario and ive been reading some threads about ppls prices and im blown away. I dont know if its because you guys are buying in bulk so its cheaper, or if weed prices arent AS universal as i thought.. For me i can get a gram of china bud for 10$ a half quad (3.5) for 30$...also because a good friend of mine deals i can get an Oz for 130 (china bud nothing special) or i can get an Oz of Kush for 200$ im just wonder how are these prices compared to your guys prices?
  2. wow shoulda searched first..can mod or admin close this plz *embarressed*
  3. banger is usually 20 a g here
    mids 20 an eigth
    but if you know the right people you can get hook ups:)
  4. I'm also from Ontario and the prices are pretty similar, I just picked up an 8th for 30 so not too bad. Although it's not the best either...
  5. Canadian prices are much lower than the States just because of all the bud you get from British Columbia I'm assuming.
  6. I always get dank bud, and its $25/eighth $50/quarter $90/half ounce $180/ounce.
  7. ^ so lucky. I'm so jeolous
  8. Twice as good as me.
  9. Well now i feel REALLY good :D
  10. 5 for a nich 10 a dime 20 an ader of regs man
  11. The standard for Good quality- dankest.
    .5g for $10.

    1g for $20.

    $65 for 3.5g

    $120 for 7g.

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