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prices in a new city

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by djace112, May 14, 2010.

  1. so im in toronto (markham/scarborough to be precise) and i wanted to know relative prices... i talked to 3-4 dealers and they all say 130-140 dollars for half ounce of high grade (chronic, kush, or grapefruit) thats about 10 dollars per gram... is this legit?
  2. an ounce should cost you around 200 in canada. ask for about 110 and you should be pretty good
  3. Im near Toronto and pay $100 for a half ounce or $180-200 and ounce for high grade.
  4. This makes me sad :( its like 170-180 a half here and 330-360 a zone :(
  5. It sounds like its common price where you are. just ask if you can watch them weigh it out im sure one of them would let you. Just be like I just moved here I gotta make sure you're ligit.
  6. werd, thanks for the advice
  7. update: picked up 10 grams of kush for 100 dollars... watchyu think?
  8. theres red hairs all over the nuggets, nuggets are pretty big too and look nice, i just smoked it from a bong, im fuckin stoned:smoking:

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