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Prices for bud???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by florida_high727, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. I've seen quite a handful of threads about people sharing their prices for bud, and it just seems crazy high (no pun intended) to me. Here's what I get:

    $80- quarter
    $140- half
    $280- oz

    and this is really nice bud too, pretty high end, but I never pay more than $10 a gram, no matter what. The bud I get isn't even from here, shipped directly from Cali, so that's my setup.
    But I got a hookup for $110 for a half oz, I guess I just live in the right part of Florida. What's the prices like around your area?
  2. I can get a pound of dank marijuanas for 14 bucks bruv
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  3. Lol I bought a strain called cookies and cream from a dispensary and paid 60 an eighth but it's pretty amazing stuff
  4. Nice, I wish we had dispensaries around here but it is what it is

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  5. Here's a pic but kinda not the best lighting what you think? Ive only had one nug the last 2 days and I been pretty comfortable lol

  6. These are more or less what I am paying over here in Toronto, tho I can get a half for $160-$180.
  7. Orlando prices are
    35 8th
    120 half
    190-220 oz

    I would honestly pay more just to have access to more than 2-3 strains at a time though
  8. $30-1/2 eighth

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  9. I wouldn't brag on a internet forum about getting bud shipped to your house

    you are what we refer to as a 'low hanging fruit '
  10. It doesn't get shipped directly to me @Slim340, my dealer gets it then i get it from him. But to each his own.

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  11. gram - $10
    eitghth - $30
    quarter - $50
    half - $100
    oz - $200
    in ontario

    and its dank
  12. I get mine for $10 a g it's super dank shit really high quality bud and my guy sells it in 2g dubs nice and simple.

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  13. From the Dispensary in Vancouver BC
    6-8 a Gram
    25 a 8th
    60-100 for a half o
  14. Typically
    250-280 a zip
    140 half
    80 sev

    Snagged a half zip for 120 once.
    I don't really smoke much bud anymore. Wax is better for the price I get. 45-50/G I only dab .05 a day now.
    Back when I smoked a lot I would smoke a G (10$) a day. waste of money.

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