Prices Are Going Down!

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  1. Plummeting Marijuana Prices Create A Panic In California : NPR

    Makes sense. It's a crop, and if mass produced, prices are likely to go down. I prefer a corporation that would be able to mass produce it in giant qualities with some smart botanists around to make sure its done right. Prices would plummet even farther to the point where you could get grams for dollars! Basic economics going on right here.

    My worry is the consequences of taking cash flow away from gangsters. If their income is missing, they might move towards robbery, human trafficking, and more weapons. Honestly? Lock em up and gas em.
  2. $28 ounces of dank?
    Im down.
  3. When its legalized companys will setup huge hydroponic rigs and im betting were gonna see like $50 ounces of dank.

  4. Honestly? It will probably be less. I say this because any kind of crop can be mass produced at such a price that is almost becomes close to nothing. This is why the government creates price floors for farmers, i.e. a bushel of corn has to sell at X price so the farmer makes money off of it.

    I've had this discussion with math and economics majors, and we've all come to the same conclusion: legalizing pot will make it so inexpensive that you could buy pounds for less than $100.
  5. Farms that cultivate Cannabis need to take part in the hemp market, Which is a huge market. Right?

  6. If it is legalized, Aren't we only allowed at a max, one ounce?
  7. Good news even if it isn't substantial. We're getting to the point where growing yourself is going to be only for smoking yourself out, not for making huge profits that you can live on for years off of a 3 month yield. (The people within the Emerald Triangle are the same ones that are argueing against legalization so f em)

    Drug cartels will go back to their harder drugs, mainly coke. Why would you be worried about their supply of guns if were cutting their income by a quarter or 30%. They buy guns with drug money...less drug money=less guns.

    I agree with Coup D'etat. 50$ an ounce is pretty expensive if we were in a free market. The price would be so low that it would discourage you from growing it yourself. Herb isn't hard to grow either...
  8. Well, tobacco sells for about 2 bucks a pound, and it can't grow in all the places MJ can. Like the article says, supply is starting to outweigh the demand. One can only imagine how that would be if it was completely legal.

  9. Don't you mean demand is starting to outweigh the supply???

  10. No, if that were happening, prices would go up.
  11. a world so flooded with pot people cant get rid of it all.. maybe pot is the new world order!

  12. That is according to the current laws in whichever states. Though I don't know the max, I assume the law says once ounce. When corps. and others are able to mass produce, amount is no longer an issue. You can buy as much alcohol as you want with no restriction as long as you're 21. We've all seen home wine cases with bottles and bottles. Freedom.

    They need to? No. It might be in their interest. All that this can be composted, which would be green.

    Why worry? Well they need cash. The only reason they're in this black market biz is because of the cash. MJ accounts up to 150billion. Coke is half of that. The thing with coke is there isn't as much of a demand for it as MJ. I assume the amount of demand will go down. Also as MJ is legalized, DEA and local LEOs will focus their attention on coke, meth, heroin, all those other drugs. That means harder times for gangs and distributors, and we all know from Tijuana and Mexico how far they'll go to stay in power. That's what I worry about. And if they can't buy it, they'll fight for them.

    I think what the article is trying to get as is this: more and more people can grow and distribute to dispensaries, but the dispensaries only want to buy at lowest amount so they can get the highest profit when sold to customers. The demand is high enough, the problem is that the supply of marijuana is so abundant that it almost becomes a renewable resource, therefore becoming a horizontal line on the S&D curve. So if the demand is high, but the supply is much higher, that means we get lower prices.
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    Anyone else get the Siemen ad when you clicked the audio thing? lol

  14. haha I wish
  15. Called econmies of scale when mass produced.
  16. from a collective grower i'm getting about 5-6g lower dank for $20. The prices right now are awesome. Its pretty much all you can smoke.
  17. So like akhans said, supply is starting to outweigh the demand.
  18. if we legalize it and the prices plummet im worried about how much they will tax it. what percent of the price of alcohol is tax? i bet they will double that for marijuana. but once i have my own house im gonna grow it myself (reguardless of if it's legal). marijuana is just a sweet plant to take care of it. its fun to take care of soemthing that grows and that will eventually will be useful to you:)

    p.s. but i would probably buy it sometimes to try different stuff and if my crop isnt ready yet.
  19. Whhaaaaatttt. I envy you.
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