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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. Watching your kids grow up is absolutely pricless. Learning to do things and having fun.

    My oldest will be 16 in july. He has learned (with the help of dear old dad) how to run backhoes doziers and other equipment. I have been working on a excavating job for a firew dept. There have been over 380 loads of dirt hauled off this job so far. I have a 96,000 lb trackhoe rented to laod trucks with.My oldest son decides he wants to loads trucks yesterday. I took him to the side and told him that this machine is a power house and if he was to hit the side of the truck with the bucket , it would demolish it. He said he could handle it. I watched with a nervous mind as he loade 5 trucks. Much to my supprise he was careful and and loaded over 25 loads of dirt yesterday and not once did he make a mistake. Made me so damn proud I can't even tell ya!

    Well a little while later my youngest son ( he'll be 12 in july) decides he wants to do something to help. I put him on the skidsteer loader (bobcat) and he moved dirt around for me the rest of the day. He has never done much when it comes to equipment, so he did alright in my book.

    It makes me proud to have kids that want to help so much and will listen watch and learn.

    I have to say I am the proudest parent in the world. I am taking the kids out after a while to do what ever they wish.

    I just had to share this with the invisable family I have here.
  2. My 16yr old and 11yr old son's are a constant source of pride and joy for me!! When I had access to a Bobcat, they both loved "helpin'" Dad!! The youngest always wants to help, and is addicted to ANYTHING John Deere, and spends his money on tools!! (Soon will be a better mechanic than Dad!) He actually likes doin' yard work, has hisown rake,shovel, and hoe, and is raisin' his OWN garden!!

    Bud Head, I like to quote a favorite C&W song "Let me watch my children grow, to see what they become. Oh Lord don't let, that cold wind blow, til I'm too old to die young!!" :smoking:
  3. I love that song. I only hope tha i can live a full life and help my kids have famalies of there own.

    I didn't know anyone else made equipment besides JOHN DEERE! Thats the only eqiupment i own. Your son is moving in the right direction!

    Peace my friend
  4. The Boy has everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, he can get his hands on, that has to do with John Deere!! LOL Least he knows good equip!! From bedsheets to shirts, a bonafide J.D. fan!! At that age, where Hvy equip. is the most fascinating thing in the world!! :smoking:
  5. Sounds like you both have healthy, good kids. I'm happy for you and glad you're having time teaching your sons to do these things, Bud Head. :) I don't have kids myself, not sure if I ever will, so don't mind me as I get all happy and proud for ya ~ Alot of their patience and goodness has to do with how YOU raised them so bravo!

  6. I am proud to say other than allergies my kids are very healthy. Parents need to take time to teach their kids several differant kinds of abilities.

    Ganjaphish If you decide to have kids I think you would make a grat mother!

  7. I hear ya! I just mailed a check today to JD Credit for my tractor.

    Got my IRS check over the weekend and I'm off to the dealership to buy a new finishing mower tomorrrow!
  8. Cool BPP!! Make 'em throw a new cap in with the mower!! JD has some really cool styles out now!! :smoking:
    With that new finish mower, ya ought to have the Homestead lookin' like a Park!! :smoke:
    Just had a nice visual of ya'll sittin' on fresh cut grass, in the shade, gettin' yourself "tattoo-ed and toe-nail painted"! Life is REALLY good at times!! :wave:

  9. I trsaded for a 9 ft finish mower for my JD about 2 monthas ago. Now i can mow the four acres i mow in about 45 minutes.
    I don't know why i haven't bought one before this year!

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