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  1. #1 eastviewtoker22, Jan 13, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 13, 2010
    im not new to smoking but i just got a new dealer and i lost my scale so i was wondering how much yall would pay for this and btw thats the first joint ive ever rolled
    havent smoked it yet but it looks like some mids
    theres also a little shake that i didnt put in the picture

  2. $5, no more
  3. fuck hockey
  4. I'm sorry but, if you don't like hockey..then (staying related to the forum) you can suck my blunt shaped cockola. :devious:
  5. hockey sucks dick
  6. hockey fans know that hockey is sickest sport to ever to be played....

    shit, even foosball fans know that hockey is the sickest sport ever to be played.
  7. Exactly, hockey fans. The vast amount there are...

    Anyways, I would pay $10 at most. If there were 2 nugs like that then $10. Looks like some compressed regs to me.
  8. yeah i paid 10 for it and no it may be compressed but its def some high mids
  9. if you busted open that joint and did buckets (by yourself) it would be like 5 seshs.
  10. Same. Looks like some reggy.

  11. i'd give you a nickel for that super shiny penny though

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