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Price Question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shotgunshine, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, im new here. I've been lurking for a while and decided to register. Real quick background on me:

    I just started smoking again a few days ago. Before that I havent smoked in like 10 years. So anyway, from a friend of a friend I was able to get a gram of some dro and it was great stuff. I told my friend i was interested in purchasing a half ounce and told him to tell me the price. He got back to me and told me $250. Now im still new to all this but $250 seems kind of expensive, no? Let me know if that sounds like to much. I live in Texas by the way if that matters or not.
  2. Thats way expensive I think, hell I feel that 170-180 is expensive for a half but 250 is like rape. I would suggest you not buy that. But thats just myself
  3. As a fellow texan, half ounces run me about 200, sometimes 180. But it all depend on who you know and where you live. Prices can vary from town to town
  4. Prices might be close to that high when the government passes TC2010... But i get my halfs for 100 so i'd ask him to throw in another half or don't get it.
  5. Even for texas prices (which I actually have no idea what they are) $250 is insane. I can get a full ounce of good weed for that, though that is in MA.
  6. Yeah that's pricey.. I would pay $250/half only if it were a super dank stash of one of my favorite handful of strains.
  7. yeah that's super pricey, you should be in no way paying that much. If you can elaborate on the features of the buds in questions, like what genetics you think might be involved, and the appearance, so forth, we can make further recommendations, but you shouldn't be paying in that price range or higher unless your dealing... WITH HASHEEEEEEsh...mmmm yeah.
  8. Price relates completely to location and supply:smoking:

    Here in Northern Calif. $250 would get you about an Oz. and a 1/4 of Dank :D:smoking:
  9. Yeah im completely unsure about the prices in Texas so for all i know its a good deal.. But anyways regardless welcome back to smoking mate.
  10. yeah that's a no go... look around a bit more you're bound to find a better price
  11. you can get a ounce of dank for 250.
  12. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Looks like i'll find somebody else. Let me just say that it feels great to smoke again. Cant believe what I was missing all this time. :yay:
  13. for dro? we talkign name brand dro? cuz that runs 200 a half tops and should be lower

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