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price on WW

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Garcia76, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. some kid says he has white widow and wants to sell it. he says 20 a gram. is that way to much? i live in upstate NY so if it is ww its hard to get.
  2. thats what i would probably pay for WW here in canada, then again there aint many growers that grow good bud they mostly sell n39 and stuff, nothin fancy so everything out of the ordinary comes at 20$ a gram here... :(

    anyways buy a gram and see if its worth it !

  3. usually am payin about $15 for a gram of ww. $20 isn't too much at all, as long as the weed is good enough to back it up.
  4. 20 a gram is a very nice price. Take it. :p
  5. I'm also from Upstate, and usually if theres good buds going around, I'll pay about 50 an eighth. Never paid 20 a gram for any trees.
  6. EUROPEANVW: are you a nickatina fan ? im going to a concert of his sunday night with mac dre and equipto. Didnt think many people outside of the bayarea knew who he is.

    Garcia76: $20 for a gram is the regular price for some bomb. White Widow is a good strain, depending on who grew it though really depends on if its good or not, but if it is some good white widow then yes $20 is normal price, atleast out in california.
  7. Yeah Cali, I'm a Nickatina fan. Not many people where I'm from have ever heard of him, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure how I got into his music. You from the Bay Area? I'm originally from Sacramento, and plan on moving back to the area after I graduate from college. Have fun at the concert.

    Sorry about jacking the thread, hah.
  8. nikitina, hes big in my town. dont know where it started, but everyone around here knows the guy. being a small town of all white folk in BC, seems sorta wierd, but hey, his music is good shit. Jungle and Killerwhale are my favouritesssss.

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