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Price of Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Pupa Bagoonta, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Well ive been smoking for about a month now, and im not really sure on the price of weed, and i think ive been getting ripped off. So what i would like to know is the price of some decent quality price range.

    Like prices of:

    a Nick-?
    a Dime-?
    a Gram-?
    a Ounce-?

    Im probly gonna buy a gram of purple kush for $30, and im guessing thats a good price?

    srry for posting more than 1 of this thread, my computer is being stupid....
  2. 1.0 - $15
    1.3 - $20
    1.7 - $25
    2.0 - $30
    3.5 - $50
    7.0 - $100
    14.0 - $150
    28.0 - $250

    These are average prices in the Orange County, California area.

    Never pay $30 a gram for anything unless its bomb hash. $30 for a gram of bud is ridiculous even if it is purple. Don't be fooled by the color.
  3. so what are those numbers? 1.0 is 1 gram? and so and and so forth?
  4. a nick ( a nickle - 5 cents) would be around .5 grams, and cost about $5.
    a dime (10 cents) would be about 1 gram, and cost about $10.
    See the name for those would be just adding a 0 to the end and changing the decimal place.
    dime - $.05 now a dime in real currency - $5
    an ounce is 27 grams, most dealers take the price cown significantly by the amount. You get 27 grams at $10 each, that equals 270.00
    27.00 x $10 = $270.00
    and some dealers take the price for an ounce down (buying wholesale).
    a dime
  5. a gram of kush around here in south texas would cost around $25
  6. Damn, you guys have expensive weed.
  7. so what is 1.0 and 1.3, and 1.7? how much is that 1.0, 1.3 and 1.7 grams?

    i live in south georgia by the way
  8. What region are you in? That makes a big difference. Can't help with single gram prices. Quanity is better. In the midwest, 1/4 oz. (7 grams) is $75 - $125 depending on how close to the source you are. $250-$350 for an Oz. (28 grams). That's for some dank. Jack Herer, Hindu Kush, Sensi Star, and Black Domina are what I've seen around here.

    2nds is right about the color. Purple doesn't mean shit. They have supplements to help get the color. It could also mean that the plants were exposed to low temps. My White Rhinos would turn purple if the room dropped below 64. People are just trying to add a little bling to weed.
  9. 1.0-1.2g=10 dollars
    2.0-2.3g=20 dollars

    thats all i normally buy in as i never have alot of cash on me.
  10. so what is 1.0 and 1.3 and so on? are those in grams? cuz i just bought about 1.7 grams and it cost me $30 and he said that was cheap
  11. mine is in grams. and ya i would say u got ripped off quite bad, around here u could get that for 15 bucks, but then again different areas=different prices
  12. It all depends on the area and the level of your connection. If you have a connect that is a grower...it's obviously gonna be cheaper then say a connect that is 4-5 people from the grower.

    But in all honesty..if you're paying over 25 a gram for even the finest dank you're overpaying.

    1.7 for 30 is about average I'd say for dank.

  13. Least-informative thing I have read all day.

    A dime of real money is 10 cents, not 5.
    An ounce is 28 grams, not 27.
    A dime bag is not a gram, it's roughly half a gram.
    Maybe you are thinking Dub, which is a gram.

    Regardless, whoever posted about OC prices is basically right on with what you will generally find, give or take a few dollars.

    1.7 for 30 is definitely not bad, could be better though.

  14. Look for a Florida connect. $30 is way too high no matter where you are at. Unless you are in prison .$30 a Gr.would be good price for dank in prison, but it would prolly smell like ass.

    Weed prices go up for each hand it passes through. Figure out where they are getting it, then figure out how to get hooked up with them. Price goes down, the closer you get to the source. Right now, you are at the bottom of the ladder.Sucks to be you, but most of us have been there. I was lucky to have older brothers and cousins to look out for me. Good Luck
  15. so how much is a good price for 2 grams? all i know is my good friends bro has it so idk if he grows it or what....and does anybody have a pic of about a gram or so, so i can get a good example of about how much it is? cuz i dont even know if i got a gram....
  16. PUPA. You posted this 3 times, I've replied to them all and said check my sig \/\/

    weed price map
  17. Kush is very compact, so buds are dense. A gram shouldn't look like much if it's kush. 2 grams, maybe $35-$40 for you would be a good price.
  18. When I buy my stuff, i usually buy by the ounce and it runs me around 350, kinda high but i havent found a better price from anyone else.
  19. Tell him you want an 1/8th for $50-$55. That's 3.5 grams, and that is a fair price for you and your area.
  20. 1 gram fills up about a 1 inch by 1 inch baggie. 2 grams will cost you between 25 and 40 (very cheap to very expensive), 30-35 is more like it for 2 g's.

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