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Price of weed in Indiana and Michigan

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by archelios, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know the average cost of bud in Bloomington, Indiana or Ann Arbor, Michigan?

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    I live in Illinois where i believe the prices are comparible 15-20 for a gram 55-60 for an 1/8 100-120 1/4

    edit: those are dank prices, you can get mids for cheaper
  3. dank runs like $60 an eighth in b-town but thats because i don't look hard for better prices. you could probably get it lower if you knew the right people, which i don't
  4. btw im going to assume that your looking at IU for college. do it.

  5. Yea, that or University of Michigan
  6. I highly recommend it
  7. bloomington has 20 dollar grams. zips for 360. well thats all iv bought...

  8. Shit, Bloomington is just as expensive as where I live
  9. Well in michigan you can probably find someone to hook you up since it's medicinal, or get a MMJ card. But if Indiana is anything like the surrounding states the above posts are right on :)
  10. they have the hash bash in ann arbor every year. plus one of the best dispensaries and THE best head shop in MI are both in ann arbor

  11. Well, I got deferred early action from UMich. Pray for me to get in within the next two weeks.
  12. I used to live about 10 mins from ann arbor. Pretty much all the weed in michigan is medicinal at mid prices. Have fun!
  13. I get primo stuff from my guy at like $50-65 for 1/8. Hope you enjoy A2, archelios. It's a great town and very friendly to its smokers. Perhaps we'll cross paths someday!
  14. ann arbors where my best connect is

    oz's for 250$

    8ths for 40$
  15. What exactly makes prices in Ann Arbor less than in Bloomington?

    What is the law in MI compared to IN.
  16. I live two hours from Bloomington. I buy for 20/40.

  17. What does 20/40 mean.

  18. 20 an eighth, 40 a quarter.

    I only get reggies though, because that's all I can find in my town, so I'm not sure about bloomington.
  19. I live in indiana and the prices are pretty standard. $20 a gram $60 an eight 100 quarter. Depends on who's your dealer.

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