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Price of Oxy's/per pill

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by LifeAintDope, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. What's the cost of a single pill o' oxy? What are the deals usually? Thanks
  2. usually $1 per mg discount on higher pills
  3. yA $1 a mg. if your talking about oxycontin.
    oxycodone or codine is just like $3 or $4 a pill
  4. Oops, yeah I was referring to oxycodone, thanks for the replies fella's. :)

  5. matters if its pure oxy or got additives i get oxycodone 5 mg / 325 mg for $2 but the ones that are just 5mg or 10mg with no other ingrediants will be more like $5 for a 5mg
  6. usualy 1$ a mg for any OC or for any percocet over 10 mgs
  7. 2.50-5.00 5/325 percocet
    5.00-10.00 10mg oxycontin
    10.00-20.00 20mg oxycontin
    15.00-40.00 40mg oxycontin
    30.00-60.00 80mg oxycontin
  8. 0.50$ a milligram. Period!!! Who the fuck paying a 1.00$ a milligram getting ripped the fuck off.
  9. isnt on the street for 40 a piece here though..

    isnt 80 though either thank god, sittin nice in between;)

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