price of Oxycontin in your area

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  1. I have a really addictive personality and i got hooked on painkillers especially with oxycontin 40mg's and morphine sulfate 30mg. Now I am taking suboxone to get through my withdrawls and suffering from not taking those pills everyday like i used to. I've been upwards of 100mg and im not trying to be cool but be careful with those pills because they are very addicting. those pill are synthetic heroin and are very dangerous. Back to your question the answer here is.

    They usually go for about 20 bucks for an 80 milligram down in miami.
  2. i get 40mg oc's for 15$ a peice
  3. $1 per mg, $50 is standard for an 80.

  4. it if was 1$ a mg an 80 would be 80$.

    80's in my area go from 30$ to 60$ depending on the hookup.
  5. i can get them like 40 but sell them to kids for 70-80
  6. 80s - 40-55
    40s - 15-25
  7. A buddy of mine got a couple oxy's, 5 or so valium, a bunch of strong muscle relaxers, and some other various pills for 5 grams of fake (red rock) opium.
  8. Prices are a bit steep to say the least here $25 30mg | $35 40mg | $75 80mg Basically what that means for me is I could buy an eighth or 1 80mg which will by the way last me one night. Blow 40mg then blow the other 40mg an hour later than, then peace for the night son! Funny thing is I'm still sober and willing enough to smoke bong packs after mad OC. Wish the prices were cheaper in this state but then again thats just another thing to get boned on prices by here. As much as I love OC its too expensive of a habit like trying to get good coke.
  9. feins im my neck of the woods pay $70-80 for a 80o.c. i would nevr pay that much but thats the demand for it around here, we need more dealers!!!
  10. 85 bucks per pill up in RI.

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