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  1. wats good blades

    just found a connect on some oxycontin finally, should be picking some up tomorow

    however ive never bought anything besides like perc 10s an shit

    is oxycontin like bud, prices vary greatly from area to area or is it all pretty much the same anywhere??:confused::confused:

    im going to try and get either some OC 80s or some OC 40s, how much would you blades pay for either one of those??

    also if i try and buy in bulk, like maybe 10-20 of them bitches, should i be getting a good size price cut??

    thanks in advance for any advice you guys an give me, i just dont wanna go get ripped off tomorrow as im new to this particular substance

  2. ummm i usually pay 50 for an 80 and i pay 30 for a 40 then 20 for a 20...if your getting 10 of them i wouldnt pay more than 40 a pill i guess. idk i dont really do them my neighbor does

  3. where are you located at? i can deff. deal with 40 a pill for 10 if i could get that kinda pricing

    a lot of people i know would pay 70 if not 80 for one.....
  4. i live in cincinnati, and i honestly dont fuck with oc's really, maybe once a week i ride my neighbor to get his and i might ask for some or not, its mine if i want it, but i usually do too much and get sick. I fucked it with once on my own and it was a stupid idea, there is a thread on it here somewhere

    and idk if there great prices around my area but he has been doing them for 10 years so i mean im sure he has a good connect
  5. My girls brother gives me 80's for $30. Sometimes $25.

    His girlfriends mom is prescribed. She has cancer, doesnt use them and gives them to him to sell.

    I've heard of 80's going for upwards of $100-$120 a pill in Downtown Phoenix.

  6. jesus christ, for real if i needed a fix that bad that i would pay 120 for a pill i would probably just say fuck it and get some heroin lol

    EDIT: i think they used to manufacture OC 160s but have long since stopped..... thats a small little pill going for like 200 bucks, the price on this shit is crazy

    i been doing some research, and the price of a OC 80 with a prescription is only 6 bucks..... im surprised people pay so much for um
  7. around here it's like $0.50/mg, but I got the plug on OC 40s for $5.
  8. See,
    Thats exactly what a TON of people do.

  9. kinda sad really, you just have to control the drug and not let it control you

    i fucked up once and took oxycodone like a week straight and felt like complete shit going through the withdrawal, now for each day i do it i try an take 2 day off, so if i go on a 3 day binge ill wait 6 days before using again, its worked so far......

    whoever said he gets the 40s for 5 bucks where u from?
  10. It seems to me that oc's go for whatever you can get for them. The prices can range from .50 to a 1.00 a milligram depending on whether it's a generic or is marked O.C.

    Not something to play with, as we have had overdoses by the score in my area. Best thing to remember is that O.C.s are a time released drug. so wait for the effects for a few hours before you decide to pop another one......:cool:

    Some Where In Ded Land...............:wave:
  11. ya, although im not experienced in hard drugs at all, i dont see how the possibilty of an OD should be a big concern for anybody with a decent head on their shoulders....

    while not true in some cases, i would be willing to bet that most ODs are stupid people who just buy some pills an eat um to see what happens, they probably figure a few pills cant kill them... all you need to do is get on the computer for 5 mins and you can know everything you have to on how to safely use the drug.......
  12. 40's are $30
    80's are $45

    I don't buy them, I just know the pricing.
  13. Just like anything else... the price is going to vary depending on your area and personal hookup, which affect availability and demand.

    For example... In my town - Oxy goes for $1/mg, if you don't have a good connection.

    In a town twenty minutes away... you can get them for as low as 25cents/mg, due to the doctors there scribing them like their job depended on it.

    I guess it all depends.
  14. Sacramento, CA.
  15. $40 for an 80 mg TEVA. St Louis, Illinois holmes.
  16. Real Deal Oc's .50 to .75 a milligram, I quit doing them before all the generic brands came out. The most I ever paid for a 80mg was $60 for 1 pill and for a 40 $30. The real dealio's might be more expensive for all I know now.

    I use to just buy whole scripts off people, Id buy 60 40's for anywhere from $600-$900 and sell enough at $25 a pop to get a bunch for free. Before the crooked ass doctor got arrested I had quite a little business going.
  17. 80's are always around 60 in my town, but the one time i bought one, it only cost me 40.

    40's go for 30-40 and thats the selection as far as my town goes.
  18. i get my 80's for 15-30, depends on my buddies mood lol, 40s for 20, 20s for 10 and 10mg perks for 3 a piece
  19. Shits too expensive for my pocket right now. 50$ for a 80 milligram will make a good night. But in my case, 5 grams will make 2 good nights.I know theyre different and all, and lately ive had the fucking itch to just pay the 50 bucks and do that shit myself.fuck now my minds on it
  20. $1 per mg for oxy's round ashland county

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